Chased invisible breeze

Blind to very strong wind

Bumped into big, tall trees

As unsettled birds sing

Expelled harsh, cutting words

When pain began to bite

Demons in Hell soon heard

A beaten soul: crying @night.


Just like beauty, difference is

Only skin deep – burst any lip

Red blood most certainly seeps

An imperative of conscience

Demands equality presides

Discrimination breeds nonsense

Jealousy and grudge coincide

Then, war and strife sing: ‘here comes our bride.’


Britain came out of England, hybrid

Permutations consisting New World

An entire Mirage, so stupid

Confuses community goals

Back to, where I come from? You mean

Albion abroad? Where sun never

Sets, coerced: problems, unforeseen

Reveal times we’ll never forget


Even after ‘Hell’s Holocaust,’

We fail to learn critical lessons

Some, brave enough, denying cost

Inveigle these lasting impressions

History augmented gas chambers

Classified his recorded shame

Easy! Saying: ‘no-one remembers

Continued despicable games


There are times I may be excused

Thinking, we have actually

Hit brick walls: racism suffused

Society’s fabric, virtually

Set up quaint, postmodernist stalls

Ingrained with sectional enclaves

Incredibly, colour bar still

Exists – but, evil and depraved

Xenophobes occupy every

Shade, in; hypocritical twists.