All aryu quiet no ass

When people a’ bang dem

Mout’ pon arwe, over ya

a’ talk ’bout Sin Kitts a Bleach

Lord! Pon me sin and trouble

Jesus! Lord, have mercy pon me


Me love Puerto Rico

And Jamaica, too

Untie the twist in your heart

So me can truly love you

Long time you a’ cut behind

A’ play like me don’t see

Still you cast evil, bad mind

Fu wuk science against me

Look! Is me and God alone

Yu coven thick, and plenty

Always slumming it, in poverty zone

But ca’an erase history

God aint partial, no matter you

Boast and brag; just remember

Mark of de beast tu’n people mad

So listen to me complaint

Long time a wa’an tell you

Bout you cl’aaat: two face

Ca’an come saint, and yu asshole

Chat and blow pure fart….