Time To Go Home: auntie Crechie… .

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This is a milestone on our incredible

Journey; traversing land, gliding over

Tempestuous sea. May almighty God

Gather Our loved one; caress and cosset

Those weary bones, crossing river Jordan

Finally making her way home: Truly

Rightfully deserving her place; keep and 

Eternally bless her, in a state of perfect grace


Those sweet and soulful times

We have in memory to forever keep

Stored for happier, warmer climes

Ensuring we must never weep

Praising almighty God; now she has 

Gained her release. Her life we duly

Celebrate, in: love, harmony and peace


Fear not! Good people, we all have to

Someday go home. To be at rest

With our creator, in his heavenly abode

Sweet bird you must soar with the

Breeze, above those lovely green trees

Take one of Our very best home, to eternal rest


So fly away home, beautiful bird on

A wing, to our eventual paradise

Steady as you go, whilst the chariot

Swings – wing your way across those clear

Blue skies; fly away home sweet bird

We sing: peace, love and happiness

Steady as you go, whilst the chariot

Brings you home to eternal rest….


Time To Go Home: Auntie Crechie…. Friday, 10th. November, 2017. @St Michael’s Anglican Church – Handsworth, Birmingham, England UK.

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We are here today in celebration of Our beloved matriarch: Henrietta Lucretia Francis nee Henry-York. 

Auntie Crechie was born: March, 13th. 1926 – the same year as Elizabeth The Second, Queen of England. Lucretia’s parents are Thomas York (Dada Yorkie) and Susanna Henry from, Phillipses – Molyneux, on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts. She was the first child of Dada Yorkie’s second marriage and the seventh of his nine recorded children. Lucretia had six elder siblings: auntie Sunku, uncle Peter, auntie Visa, uncle George, auntie Ellen and auntie Roslyn, they were mostly born in the latter stages of the nineteenth century, as the dying embers of African slavery were fizzling out. She has two younger siblings: Arthur Nathaniel Henry-York and a second Ellen York, who remain alive; Arthur residing in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England UK and Ellen the younger, and youngest of all, who still resides in the Caribbean.

Our family is vast, like sand on the seashore. It’s no secret, close relatives pass each other on the street – without blinking – ignorant to the fact they are intimate, closely related family members of the eternal York clan, from Phillipses. In this very memorable case, bible words do ring true: The dead are arisen and We who remain rise up, in spirit, through Jesus Christ Our Lord – in the blood of Our hallowed fore parents to meet HIM. Yes! We are from Phillipses – right underneath the mountain, on the edge of rain-forest and the remnants of slavery. Our post-ceding generations became Molyneux Project – where I was born – on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Auntie is survived, by: Three children, Glenda Henry-York, aka Sue, Tessa Francis, York and The youngest, David Francis, York. Wendell, her second child, is no longer with us but he is no less loved. We have fourteen grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren, as well, her two aforementioned siblings and innumerable nieces, great and great-great nieces, and likewise nephews.

Before coming to England, auntie worked as a housekeeper, a process labelled ‘lived in’ because she actually lived at the premises where she worked. She left the island in the late fifties at the age of thirty – 1956 – to join her, now, departed husband, Charles Stanley Francis, in England. They settled in Handsworth, Birmingham before moving to Winson Green. Auntie worked hard all her life and in various roles. She did: piece work at Concentrics and Friedrich Woolley, also as a dinner lady @Handsworth grammar school. She would reminisce about the passing of the ages and time: when she once – with her work colleagues – had to sleep in Hockley bus garage because the fog was too thick, for them to make their way home, so they had to leave the garage early next morning and proceed, straight to work.

Auntie worked hard, to eventually send for her three children remaining in the Caribbean, enduring heartbreaking abuse from strangers as well, as work colleagues, she; would sit and rue as others were offered regular and invaluable work but she persevered, showing great determination when, finally, she was in a position, financially, to send, for: Glenda and Wendell aka Yorkie – Tessa was to follow not long after. Her family became complete again. In 1966 precious David was born, auntie dearly wanted to have a child born on English soil, to consolidate and gratify her transition, from slave descendant, island dwelling non-entity, to an inhabitant of the British isles, living in England – David fulfilled her dream, in the same year England won the football world cup – a most memorable historical landmark, just like the year of her birth.

Henrietta is the matriarch who held our entire family together – visiting her younger brother more frequently than regular, in Leeds. She loved to cook and, up until October, 2017. was sprightly enough to do her own shopping. Glenda’s friends would often remark, after seeing auntie shopping, ‘I thought your mum suffered from foot ailments?’ Trying to work out how she so frequently visited and made her way around the Bull ring market. On occasions, the family would head to, 7. Goodie Avenue – on Sundays – the site of our favourite restaurant, there; would be laughter and merriment, with tears, especially when auntie would take a hand and put the grand and great-grand children in their place. Her favourite colour is red, hence everyone at this celebration has been requested to wear some kind of red item, as tribute. Cousin Gastnell, son of our second Ellen York, though unable to be present today, sends fond remembrance of being escorted to school – from Phillipses to Molyneux – in 1958, walking with our grandfather, Dada Yorkie (Thomas York), wearing his brand new red pants our auntie had sent from England, for him. Sam, also, can remember being taken to church by auntie, having to sit through a lengthy service, in the freezing cold, for the end of the service and a hot cup of tea and biscuits but on best behaviour, because auntie Crechie would watch everything and make sure keep everyone under control. She is very strong and liked to see everything done right.

Her faith is always in God – That is why we all love her so much


Difference Is Good:

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Inside The Tunnel:

Confidence hardly diminishes
Neither am I riddled with doubt
Problems cheat laws of averages
Inscribed by peoples’ angry mouths
They derive named categories
Secretly classified in neat parcels
To be honest – it’s confusing
Lotteries, congealed mental debacles
Triggers don’t obviously present
Themselves – most often, ship sinks whilst
In dock, even antiques left on shelves
Or permanently suffering shock
I hear its a form of illness
Yeah! And who am I going to tell
Friends only compound your sickness
Induce paranoia – and to hell
I don’t imagine! They’re actually there
You wont help with condescension
But quickly increase primal fear
When diagnosed you’re in Depression
You seriously feel, no-one cares….


No Partiality:

A free world seems so far away yet, committed to my domain, I have to defend personal play, allowing others free rein from restricted disdain. Every human being has rights to decide, personal and compliant destiny, it’s pointless enjoying your ride whilst subjecting others to devious iniquity. This space age covers home and universe, cannot claim Freedom before allowing some to take theirs first. I have no qualms: Be Free, comfortable to do, as you do. I will continue chanting my Psalms, while praying God blesses you. Remember! My space is personal, yours equally belongs to you, let; us be respectful and cordial, without stooping to levels of hate – or having to argue. What you are, with my blessing be that still, I remain a bright and shining star with JAH JAH works to fulfil.

No Surrender: Cpt.

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Happen, you might even already

Sold outright – plunged blindly, head first

Misshapen ideas blurred sight, quickly

Wrap folds less bright, clouding vision

Limbo station, again: left nor

Right contain considered solutions

Reach out to where? Conjure notions

Beyond personal comprehension

Visage greater infinity

Comfortably perched above worlds

Sun and Moon presently bathe light

Pulsed, speckled stars illumine homes

Thunder, alongside lightning presides 

Acquiesced personalities

Postulate dreams, placing memories

And our soul overcomes tight

Ministrations dripping temptation

Stands firm between morality

Left-side Peace, triumphantly shouting

Freedom! Is a must. Grant us release….


No Surrender Cpt

Yes! I’ve been there, felt gut-wrenching

Grief, cried in my supper – denied care

No sense of relief, those; days were hard

Sense had no meaning, Hell’s demons

Surreptitiously marked my card

Without provocation or screening

Would have been good to say: ‘it’s because

I’m black but realized day, after

Day trusted ni99@z gave me no slack

I fought my corner clutching short straws

Metamorphosed faith’s warrior

Grew sharp teeth and very strong claws

I’ll fight until no strength is left

Down into that final chicane

Confident – certainly not bereft

Galvanize my sad, weary brain

When at last, I finally see light

To know, battle’s definitely won

Sun shining bright adversity done

I’ll give thanks for each coming day

Gird up my loins and, standing strong

Bow down on bended knee to pray

Amidst holy angels and God’s throng.


Freedom Instigates Change: 2017.

When Truth slaps your face

And you stay silent, refusing to

Accede – you are complicit….

Managed to distract and deter

Them so far but, for how long can

We dissuade their devious whim

Hinder inevitable demon-

Seduced destruction, as consequence

Hitherto, save our damned souls

Skin colour augurs defamation

Attention therefore, focuses

On irritable differences

Simple preludes to prejudicial

Choice-oriented decisions

Easily passed off as skilful

stroke academic failings soon

Evident, as configurations

Of racial inabilities

Hence comparative illusions

Based on deriding anatomic

Conclusions and ethnic cleansing

Black people, are: dumb, stupid and

Unintelligent, the butt of

Regressive social advancement

Once sown, these roots rapidly spread

Simply, tarnished our future whilst

Fate devours our present status

A life of slavery seemed fitting

And, biblically endorsed by god

Who – in time – Materialised as white men

Masters, controlling our destiny….


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