Inside The Tunnel:

Confidence hardly diminishes
Neither am I riddled with doubt
Problems cheat laws of averages
Inscribed by peoples’ angry mouths
They derive named categories
Secretly classified in neat parcels
To be honest – it’s confusing
Lotteries, congealed mental debacles
Triggers don’t obviously present
Themselves – most often, ship sinks whilst
In dock, even antiques left on shelves
Or permanently suffering shock
I hear its a form of illness
Yeah! And who am I going to tell
Friends only compound your sickness
Induce paranoia –¬†and to hell
I don’t imagine! They’re actually there
You wont help with condescension
But quickly increase primal fear
When diagnosed you’re in Depression
You seriously feel, no-one cares….


No Partiality:

A free world seems so far away yet, committed to my domain, I have to defend personal play, allowing others free rein from restricted disdain. Every human being has rights to decide, personal and compliant destiny, it’s pointless enjoying your ride whilst subjecting others to devious iniquity. This space age covers home and universe, cannot claim Freedom before allowing some to take theirs first. I have no qualms: Be Free, comfortable to do, as you do. I will continue chanting my Psalms, while praying God blesses you. Remember! My space is personal, yours equally belongs to you, let; us be respectful and cordial, without stooping to levels of hate – or having to argue. What you are, with my blessing be that still, I remain a bright and shining star with JAH JAH works to fulfil.