Happen, you might even already

Sold outright – plunged blindly, head first

Misshapen ideas blurred sight, quickly

Wrap folds less bright, clouding vision

Limbo station, again: left nor

Right contain considered solutions

Reach out to where? Conjure notions

Beyond personal comprehension

Visage greater infinity

Comfortably perched above worlds

Sun and Moon presently bathe light

Pulsed, speckled stars illumine homes

Thunder, alongside lightning presides 

Acquiesced personalities

Postulate dreams, placing memories

And our soul overcomes tight

Ministrations dripping temptation

Stands firm between morality

Left-side Peace, triumphantly shouting

Freedom! Is a must. Grant us release….


No Surrender Cpt

Yes! I’ve been there, felt gut-wrenching

Grief, cried in my supper – denied care

No sense of relief, those; days were hard

Sense had no meaning, Hell’s demons

Surreptitiously marked my card

Without provocation or screening

Would have been good to say: ‘it’s because

I’m black but realized day, after

Day trusted ni99@z gave me no slack

I fought my corner clutching short straws

Metamorphosed faith’s warrior

Grew sharp teeth and very strong claws

I’ll fight until no strength is left

Down into that final chicane

Confident – certainly not bereft

Galvanize my sad, weary brain

When at last, I finally see light

To know, battle’s definitely won

Sun shining bright adversity done

I’ll give thanks for each coming day

Gird up my loins and, standing strong

Bow down on bended knee to pray

Amidst holy angels and God’s throng.


Freedom Instigates Change: 2017.

When Truth slaps your face

And you stay silent, refusing to

Accede – you are complicit….

Managed to distract and deter

Them so far but, for how long can

We dissuade their devious whim

Hinder inevitable demon-

Seduced destruction, as consequence

Hitherto, save our damned souls

Skin colour augurs defamation

Attention therefore, focuses

On irritable differences

Simple preludes to prejudicial

Choice-oriented decisions

Easily passed off as skilful

stroke academic failings soon

Evident, as configurations

Of racial inabilities

Hence comparative illusions

Based on deriding anatomic

Conclusions and ethnic cleansing

Black people, are: dumb, stupid and

Unintelligent, the butt of

Regressive social advancement

Once sown, these roots rapidly spread

Simply, tarnished our future whilst

Fate devours our present status

A life of slavery seemed fitting

And, biblically endorsed by god

Who – in time – Materialised as white men

Masters, controlling our destiny….