This is a milestone on our incredible

Journey; traversing land, gliding over

Tempestuous sea. May almighty God

Gather Our loved one; caress and cosset

Those weary bones, crossing river Jordan

Finally making her way home: Truly

Rightfully deserving her place; keep andĀ 

Eternally bless her, in a state of perfect grace


Those sweet and soulful times

We have in memory to forever keep

Stored for happier, warmer climes

Ensuring we must never weep

Praising almighty God; now she hasĀ 

Gained her release. Her life we duly

Celebrate, in: love, harmony and peace


Fear not! Good people, we all have to

Someday go home. To be at rest

With our creator, in his heavenly abode

Sweet bird you must soar with the

Breeze, above those lovely green trees

Take one of Our very best home, to eternal rest


So fly away home, beautiful bird on

A wing, to our eventual paradise

Steady as you go, whilst the chariot

Swings – wing your way across those clear

Blue skies; fly away home sweet bird

We sing: peace, love and happiness

Steady as you go, whilst the chariot

Brings you home to eternal rest….