Street wise Sexuality:

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Temptation is a beautiful girl

Likewise, sugar daddy Mr Rich

Until plague and problems unfurl

Destiny’s child, as brazen bitch

Hungry rats in empty kitchen

Eyes glued to each other’s every

Move: convenience says cheap take away

Chicken – streetwise cements devils’ brood

Poverty deviously ups stakes

Desperation became lone soldier

Any blind friendship carelessly makes

Graveside beds of flowered mistakes

Easy to see, now your older

Cut corners lead to cul de sacs

Keep straight and narrow, my brother

Avoid fate’s poisoned honey tracks

They’ll boil you in seas of confusion

Suck resistance until it melts

Curl your toes in frenzied delusion

Shriek and screen as if beaten with belts

Naturally, you want to take piece

Beautiful ass, rounded with shelves

Sweetly juggles perceptible crease

Rigid, hard and stiff craves nothing else….


Bad Example:

Hypocrisy is our choice staple

Passed down through generations, like blood

Children now manifest devils

Lord! Better you send another flood

Tell you! It’s really hard out there

People live like crab in barrels

Simple grudge jealous things you wear

Yout’s sharpen knives for street battles

They lack creditable examples

Elders place cash and property first

Surrounded by selfish bubbles

Yes! High time their ignorance burst…. 



Poetry: usual opportunist suspects….

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Oh, for when Poesy comes full, on street

Word in armour with shining breastplate

Shouts of joy echoing dancing feet

Animosity and hate left @the gate

Comparable to Nicodemus, whose true

Faith witnessed Christ, Our; Righteousness

Will protect Us, as we muse and savour

earthly paradise. It’s but, a dream

wielded in hope: life does throw up

Incredible surprises – will I Am

would instinctively croon ‘its dope!’

Whilst adopting one of his crazy disguises

A thousand curses, those shrewd and

Deceitful enough, surreptitiously tainting

Poetry in competitive illusions, fate’s blinkered

Bland, blasé, bitterly twisted non-entities

Determinedly hauling our highest art

Through heaped, detritious hog swill, and

Repetitious drivel: slick, suave vibrations

Promulgated through sweet, rhythmic allusions

Of love with uplifting meditations; therapeutic

Home for dejected souls beaten to neurotic

Pulp – reprise for intellectual intelligentsia

@death’s ambiguous gate: cosseting comforter

of restless souls burdened by fear – Poesy

Of course: confidante of royalty, bed mate

Of seers – the real It – covered gloriously up to

The minute, home to terrestrial stars

of great renown; many who History ignorantly lost

And Poetry sublimely found….


Bluest eye:

Their first move is to confuse

your thinking during immediate

Conversation – psychologically inducing

Faculties of self-doubt; condescension

Is derived through race and colour

It also triggers anger and vehemence

@this point, stereotypical branding

Comes into play – The Imagined Community

Unleashed – this power is practiced

And exquisitely honed to perfected

Finesse, from slavery days

Quite a good percentage of media

Reps a’ la social mouthpieces are

Incredibly adept @this strategy

To the point, of: fostering, funding

Empowering and supporting Muslim

Growth with its regeneration – enhancing our

Perceived adversaries and rivalries

Strangely uncommon to their actual stance

These slimy, insidious, reprobate

Minds gain strength bolstering confidence

From engineered – to be perceived – racial

Ascendancy and societal control.

“Our struggle continues….” 



Sweet And Sour Xmas: 2017….

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Father-God will still hold balance

Though insidious demons pursue

Hateful diatribe, slyly seeking

devious chance, smoothing ways to pay

Obsolete bribes – weather still pretends

Summer’s sweet – ceding Xmas greetings

Home and abroad; contentious criminals

Terrorise streets, vile hordes

Ably descend with one accord, to

Raise havoc and snatch precious metals

They are, unfortunates in the ‘hood

wholly intent on survival

Whatever process – it’s all good

Ghetto now faces revival

Now, all roads lead intuition’s way

Privileged pluckies present precious

Little presumptuous foreplay, by

Means, of: mutual, gratified

Well esteemed contrite behaviour

so bigotry intensified whilst

Racial undertones rubbed bruises raw

Minus glad tidings, and peace

It usually brings – customary

Sprees allocate money’s frivolous

Spend; cold degrees intimate Winter’s

Dividend, more habitual

Since undeniably older

Begrudged consent no-one even saw

This one actually comes amidst

Perturbed, rumoured global meltdown

Christmas is so adaptable

Simply belaying celebrations’

Raucous sound – heartfelt, soul stirring

Moments relinquish incantation

Rituals, preside spirit possession

Of love, fellowship with personal

Commitment covering residual pride

Carols, still invariably sung

As parents drink beyond excess

Weed exhausts dilapidated lungs

Lovers’ tiffs bring harassment’s distress

And then, we’ll all sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

Regardless, whether or not sun shines….

@Write About Now:

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Many people realize healing

Properties – usually after

Ill-feeling and drug horology

As they enter withdrawal agony

Poets, @last, broach this space age

Future – it’s taken ages, over eternity

Stolen moments of elite

Pleasure, on this fantastic journey

Veritable syntax, coursing

Fluxed familiarity, willed through

Beauty’s studded nose ring

Harnessed to king Cash and his crew

Sometimes feel like worst swear words

Spoke, imagine people’s affronted

Expressions – inhaled last whiff

Before infernal flusher broke

Invariably, I have to spit

Whilst my inner-self feels insulted

Depression sets in – steaming hot shit

Kept trapped in by tightly closed door

Considerably annoyed, when

Worry mounts and sex becomes chore

Go through motions – ooh, ooh and ahh

Precisely @right times, ’til spent

Even call her sugar, absent-

Mindedly, apply my body – I

Mean Dik – voraciously to grind

Yeah! She loves it, not through habit

Either, remember I’m black – of

Course it’s true what they say about us

Natural swell, then gets enormous

I hold back – plenty of slack – soon

She confidently begs for more

Yes! Ride like a devil’s pumped-up jack

Quickly touch juiced up pussy floor

They say I’m uncouth – no etiquette

Or decent, acceptable manners

An uncivilised brute who shouts and

Forgets fresh, recent discernible

Lesson planners – a savage twat

Obnoxiously incorrigible

Whose boring conversation ain’t squat



Equality A Must:

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Transparency 2-18:

See: fairness and unbias are

Not taken into account any

More: cheat and deceit are now worn

Like badges – Evil has come to fore

Wonder if police goin’ ready

This coming year, for all those spent


It’s only another action

Replay, set to plunder as hungry

Beasts; Real, but like Freddie and

His time-focussed, delinquent nightmares

Women, though intent, still struggle

Arduously for parity

Militant wives deftly ogle

Pot-bellied, bellicose spouses

With unassuming alacrity

Postmodernity swiftly rouses

Once submissive alter-egos

Emily’s spirit remains restless

Hungrily stepping on distinguished

Toes, whilst bedroom preliminaries

Halted under duress, became

Eccentric bartered economies

Dressed, seductive and sexually

Prevalent; deviously condoned

Feminist wiles exert control

They demand more – with mitigation

Tit-for-tat seditious patrol

Exploited as put  downs, cut to bone

Patriarchal condescension

Hardly works anymore, cash in hand

Obliterates choice, only; duty

consents, many other ruses

Succinctly planned, afford so-called

Weaker sex, psychic propriety

… perfumed facades and scented nape

Confuse, whilst see through lace enthrals

Bewildered also-ran, ruler-ship

May not be evident but power

Relations make certain worship is

Assured, @late hour devotion….


Historical De ja’ vu:

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Truth Is, concrete adjudicator

In times of split argumental

Decisions so indications of

Character become instrumental

Fusions alluded to hidden guilt

Simply, to avert confusion

And, people crying over spilt milk

The Syrian war is heinous

Children are trapped in rabbit holes

Sickly slaughter – most insidious

Those killers continue heaping coals

Yet, they cough and bleat @The UK

Hypocritically claiming

Disrespect, when told to ‘shut up! And

Go away’, with abusive shaming

Which lacked significant deference

In retaliatory sting

We face Hitler reincarnated

To whom, Corben plays Chamberlain

Ukraine cites czechoslovakia

Revisited, with quaintly added

Recriminations of murderous

Poisoning, obviously @request

Of a dictatorial state leader

Down, to evidence in drug-cheated

Sports; per aryan supremacy

Key to the phoenix’s intrinsic

Court, and proof of ascendancy

Now is good time! Stop this travesty

An angry British lion roared

Not, proverbial tub-thumping

@ll – but to expose previous points

Scored, during bouts of international

Spin, with goaded protestations

Easily defused – as dishonest

And, vastly temperamental

Deceptive procrastination

Laverof callously referred

World-leading organisations

As pussies, such insults are deferred

Russia’s brazen period skirting

Acceptable morality

Has been augmented to hilt, and girth

Blindly slighting conviviality

For all two-faced friendship is worth

POTUS is indeed a sell-out

We know he’d trade his own grandmother

Prized Soviet super-spy, without doubt

Greatest coup – above any other

Democracy became victim

Incredulously beaten to pulp

Once more, evidence is sickening

Enough, to make honesty gulp

Military plates ominously shifted

And we know Putin is ‘man of war,’

Whose fear of reprisals is lifted

Confrontation became open door

Global collaboration excepted

Their new tsar is ready for more

Devious denials, coldly extenuated

Because he is rotten, to core….

Shared Guilt: Kabul 28th/ 12th/ ’17….

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They’re deliberately killing people

Soooo many dead – even more injured

To confirm what we already know

Those demons represent pure evil

It seethes and spreads, with TV pictures

Steadily increasing Death’s flow

Now completely normalised feature

Bombs explode all over this world

And you know, innocent children: poor

Creatures, callously bought and sold

Pity my readers’ soiled consciences

Silently gulping lumps of congealed

Spit, trapped in mental condolences

Aghast, when realized: they’re complicit

I listen, intently, for unheard

Cacophonies – outraged voices

Never calling for hostilities

To stop – disdained personal choices

Amount to bad seeds yielding devils’

Crop – wake up mankind! I beg you

See what’s truly happening; don’t play

Blind, your ignorant souls are dying …..


Male Sluts and Bitchfuks:


Our opportunist money-tree’s

Branches surround me, minus care for

Longevity – mouths opened wide

As precursory to wanton

Invitation – juiced saliva makes

Easy slide – no new phenomenon

Caligula reputedly

Engorged himself, a lurid story

They, on bended knees, were submissive

Supplicants; heaving breasts, heated

Suck-fests, and no-one raised not even

Outraged eyebrow – those poor, power

Abused cows, readily raked and ploughed

Via decadent usage, man’s boiled

Privilege – taken from rear; hands

Cupped over hot, slippery, wet

Pussies – dribbles excited by fear

So: women haven’t really travelled

Very far from that, still yielding

Irresistibly ‘phat’ furry cats

Prizes virile men quickly kill

For – with much, much frenzied ardour

Her moist pinnacle of desire

Temptation, suspended on thin

Wire – epitome of success

Soiled, broken minds overdosed

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