Mum’s The Word:

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Love materialises devotion

Fed, cleaned and ready for tomorrow

Prodigiously prepared, fresh for

Further challenges  with hopeful hearts

Filled with renewed zest for life whilst

Truth detonates subtle explosions

Said gleaned, from discarded sorrow

Expeditiously shed – like hot shit

Subject to aggressive toilet

Flushes, stubbornly refusing to

Budge, staining expansive ambience

In a field of prejudicial dreams

Untold numbers are buried under

Stress acutely related to

Simple day, to day survival

Cold mothers carry enough weight

On unwavering shoulders, hard pressed

@pinch to keep situations

Level – no question time management

Ensures necessarily never

Late, incessantly precise deadlines

Honed expertly, to: correct oven

Temperatures and starched white linen

Alongside general house duties

Measured, fitted and superbly

Matched juggling family life

Industrious home makers moonlight

To boot – adding precious revenue

Skilfully accumulating cash….

Streets Paved With Gold:

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Smite the lintels of your doorposts

With fresh blood of your new born lambs

@First Light make your way to the coast

Whilst The Angel Of Death stays God’s hand

Your time of deliverance has come

Truth condones and allows your share

Righteousness shall enter His kingdom

JAH will not give more than you can bear 


Our world moves quickly, and @some pace

Intuition almost borders

Hyper-intelligent interface

Relayed, mentally, via cell phone

Video-recorders keeping

Delinquents, as well habituates

Tightly under social manners

Tagged in their subordinate space

Enhanced social commentary

Ensures verdant generations

Encapsulate Commonwealth history’s

Terrestrial constellation

It’s a bit square-field @moment

Forces consolidate personal

parameters – shifted balance of

Power executes experiments

So, thermometers checked each hour

Let’s talk economic fluency

Global enterprise fully set, grow

Cybernet intra-activity

Freedom, Equality and Justice

In tow, Its productive success

An invigorating poultice

Rapidly healing Slavery’s mess

We could make a veritable smash

Out of near-certain calamity

Rescue impending collapse, with

Collective responsibility



God Is, On Our Side:

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An age where they soon develop

Psychological advantages

Not unlike drink from her furry cup

Placed in quirky, miniscule mental

Carriages on collapsed viaducts

If there’s anything apparent

I would quickly claim, division

Surely, encouraged by elite clans’

Proposed financial apparition

Plus, systematic five year plans

Unleashed blueprints for indulgence

Heinous dialogue for Blair’s Final

Solution – then cut Empire’s

Umbilical cord, breed insurgence

Amidst devious confusion

So England forgets Britain abroad

Its not what they drummed in – without fuss

‘Commonwealth shares responsibility,’

Mother country – a beacon of Trust

Triumphant facing adversity

‘… to shoulder’ on the battlefield

Every life equally precious

“God Is, my life and protective shield

Go before Us, Lord go before Us….”



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Even to a point where people

Consciously endowed honesty must

Seethe delinquent satellites spewing

Evil, haunting Syria’s bloodlust

They devour: suffering children

Significantly lacking Faith’s Saviour

Froth @mouth, over-laboured breathing

Infanticide, unholy terror

Humanity sees its morality

tainted – Ma and Pa witness: dead

Baby, soiled consciousness, and ‘to

Wrath-ed!’ Guilty – no if, but or may

Be – they should stop all hostility

Immediately ceasefire

Explore ev’ry possibility

Be seen, maintaining fate’s rare pleasure

Remember! Nothing is hidden

Societies witness horror

Vile heinous sinking sand, forbidden

Long since prescribed, situation dire

Purposely suffused yet, beholden

Whilst considered written off – extinct

Pockets of rotting flesh and blood, congeal

Deviant excesses hung on brink

Repositories file scenes, unreal

Some were youths during The Sixties and

Seventies, aged but still defiant

Soaked in addled proclivities

Cleverly made self-reliant

We know there were dark days

Desperation trapped inebriate souls

Coldly ensconced midst, most evil ways

Fed thinnest gruel in empty bowls

Then, you look back – peeling fruit spanning

Yester-year, slowly: use tact, reveal

Truth – become clear, @times when conscience

Plays party to each thought pressed across

Memory, so fine that patience

Alone can be bought, paid for – in sin-

Scarred deceitful lives, kept secret

By compromised fusion, entertained

Through The World and his wives, wrapped in

Deft folds holding naked illusions

Hungry children, callously bruised

As non-returnable bridal

Surrogates, surreptitiously abused

Until teenage years reel psychic regret

Quickly sowing friendship-cum-weapon

Those two-faced ambiguities

Prefixed, with ‘I beg you pardon?’

Wedged between stolen identities

Hooked, an inauspicious drug spiral

Addicted to Hell’s catch twenty-two

Soon, when plastic fame goes viral

Innocence stalks Broken Avenue

Left destitute – with body for sale

Weaned on powdered narcotic cosh

Victims invariably reach gaol

Same time businessmen stockpile dosh….


Time Holds Memories: BAFsed

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Sometimes best leaving them to it

Wounds – in our cases – Don’t heal

Just become more distressed – by bucket

Loads with unsatisfied memories

He’s dumb as fer-fertiliser

His disrespectful daughter, no better

To think, I forced mom to retrieve

That rude piece of shit from her abusive

Mother and gay lover – brought her here

To sow seeds of jealousy and hatred

Don’t ask what am going to do because

When I say enough, I’ll turn the world

Upside down on its head – trust me

Him, bragging about the other one

@Uni – I taught her up to speed

In those early formative years, when

She had been kept backward. sleeping

On floors and off school – listening asshole?

Remember BAF said – and mummy knew…. Punk!!!!


Roodbwoy Poetry: pipe love….

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… he was gone – in a flash – and she woke up, not knowing after how long. Now she could focus on her insanely decrepit life; showered and changed without so much as, even, token fuss she disinfected and cleaned whilst reflecting on her daily strife. He left a humongous-sized henry, as gratuitously strategic payment – cleverly keeping the door open – and good enough to console her for his ridiculous impropriety, knowing she would regard it, heaven sent.

She almost tripped over the kitchen-table leg in her excited rush to get, to the drawer spilling a large jar of nutmeg in hurried attempts to retrieve her beloved, once more. Then, finally, she had it in her grasp, proceeding to lick and kiss it – taking time to roll ‘him’ over her heaving breasts – her irreplaceable pipe, to whom she is slave and most dutiful wife….


Time Of Confrontation:

Heads of governments have evolved

Deeply detailed plans of progression

Sorely confused, reminiscent of

Babel’s tower, each perplexing

Another’s compromised, dark solutions

Cocooned in delusional conspiracies

wrought intricately upon suspicion


Information quickly grew into a crown

Seditiously prized above life itself

Espionage now commonplace, state

Resources broken down; industry

Profited when Security institutionalised

Mafia imperatives, legalising a rat race

Its just a process engineered by

Un-natural selection, really


Armageddon’s relentless descent

Shows little sign of abatement

John’s black horse enmeshed itself

Into fruitless generations many

Years forward, across planet Earth’s

Future – Satan supplanted Heaven

with nightmarish speculation

About planetary colonization….


Of course flesh is latent mortality

So they envisaged, hence devised

Robots-cum-androids for space travel

Data has become blueprint, going

Beyond Trekkers lucid domain

Complacency spurs these fools forward

Amidst cellular destruction

To wit, cyborgic installation

Advanced infinitive endurance

Yes! Something will live forever



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