Laying Foundations: shotgun wedding….

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Their relationship prospered, greatly

Feminist intuition excelled

Actually bankrolled his broke ass

Sophisticated sex with class, too

Brought him out of his shrivelled shell

Deftly, induced a man of virtue

She became so full of herself

Situations slowly subsided

Control, coerced with personal wealth

Ensured valuable self-esteem

Clinically derided marriage

Proposals – in favoured, time bought

Familiarity, key to

Longevity which, also seemed

Detrimental to future spousal

Misdemeanour or, simply

Offered chance they might stay together

Rather, duty bound service borne

Under gratitude, for survival

Heart, to hearts resumed ultra calm

Conversation, reminiscent

Absent minded confessionals

Humility’s bared soul exposed

Potential ruffles to be ironed

Out; smoothing pointed, razor sharp seams

It became quite easy, to suss who

Harboured what kind of fractious mood

He quickly sourced when she was due

Each knowing another’s favourite foods

Intricate groundwork made impressions

Solid foundations quickly laid

No chance divisive aggravation

Strong adherence to faithfulness, made

He steadily grew in confidence

Repaid her investment in full

Minus, sacrificial pretence

Of love – set perfect examples

Time came, and he popped the question

Her hurried, blurted ‘yes’ set seal

Shortly before secret gestation

Whilst confirming their wedding, for real

When History Hurts:

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Westminster’s rear guard must have blinkers

On, their incessant infighting

Stinks – no doubt, you see they lack vision

Political deceitfulness

Virtually brought us teeter to

Brink; some even exhibit

Acute academic prowess

Quite obviously self-indulgent

Narcissists, caught in perpetual

Process of personal aggrandizement….

Fully loaded pessimists beyond

Perks, bungs, sinecures and backhanders

Atop this inglorious advent

Those social climbing, fraudulent jerks

Wear government clothes so claim to be

Honoured Empire commanders

High representatives for Freedom

Nee-Equality – with benefits

Irretrievably embalmed – sunken

Me, me, me and me club, mirror

Reflections of non-descript Brexit

Not true neither select

Inflections spirited via

Democracy infused markets

Set by spurious Oxford prefects

Mixed akin pseudo aristocrats

Cautiously endowed with our future

Seated in shadow of Grenfell’s

Horrific, unprecedented failure….



Broke, Hungry, Sleep – Repeat:

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A New Programme…

Shakespeare paved literary roads

Milestones @every juncture: fresh bread

Coated with apricots perfumed rose

Delicious, famously revered

Adventures, wafting non-suspect head

Expose gutless ragamuffin

Whistled on church roof thieving lead

Original Roodbwoy, shuffling

Personality splitting street cred

@Postmodern society

Because brick and mortar is one thing

That never cry hungry belly

‘Horses for courses’ saying goes

Also, appropriate uniform

Ready to sway as wind blows

This confident – riding out Hell’s storm

Clichés cum word o’ mouth spitting

Spill design, from negligent

Past openings – ‘thrill a minute’ vines

Brought back! In excellent writing

Greased iron inserted your spine

Pops twisted corks like forked lightning

They took fun, pleasure and enjoyment

Out of simplified daily life

To such horrible, dark extent

Youth flip gun and knife, sad fools

Pursue survival experiments

Callously load mules – no accident

Psychos who set external rules

For covered wives sheathed with sand clocks

Play Russian roulette tops crown jewels

From deep inside that velvet box

Trust me sweet – silence is not easy

To keep, knowing full well – corrupt

Systems theoretically tweet

Square pins – bully them into round holes

Truth adjudicators stay, laughing

When spin doctors sit on BBC

Chat shows – two faced panels, sold on

Regurgitate shit you always see

Usually go-slow repeat channels

Told on closet sex lines for dirty

Money: fun, pleasure and enjoyment

erased from simplified, daily life

To such horribly, dark extent

Youth flipped gruesome gun, and knifed sad fool

Out of this horror compendium

Another one lay dead in pools

Of blood – so much for holiday sun

Callously loading mules – accident

Found him face down in roadside mud

May be just a clown, or hoodlum

Chose societal experiment





Shape-shifting In Tight Spaces…

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Time capsuled continuity

Set aside from worldly affairs

Icons of sub-equality

“My b’woy! In worlds of whites and mares”


They’ve made an absolute mess of this

Look! People die every minute

Unquestionably, developed

Countries’ business – they’re well equipped

Disreputable Nation states

Dole out genocidal murder

Or, may be, there’s a presiding

Metanarrative earmarked, Forever

Obviously one – Middle England

Bells unashamedly ringing

Imagined Community, singing slang

National sentiment – understand

Life is game, in all seriousness

Bureaucratic forces legalise

Death – ten a penny under duress

Children repeatedly fell through

Faith’s invariably, partial net

Though Heaven is unmistakably

Perfect, simply bests everything

So you’re left wondering, if there’s

Any point – when being honest

Fully aware, brutes and deceivers’

Untimely roost happen, to don’t care

Our subconscious Invisible

Constantly hardens – as it feeds

Obduracy’s resident ghoul

Surely must be some unblemished

Pariah, outskirts advocacy’s

Clinical starvation, but fool

Ready to defend this enclosure

Windrush children move on tip toe

Barely, having escaped quicksand-like

Virtual extinction not so long ago

Prior Gloriana’s tripartite

Ascension into Eternity

Her Second, and returned redemption

Amongst God, of gods, and family

Gifted eternal salvation

Now, taint the lintels of your doorposts

With fresh blood of firstborn lambs

@First Light, make way to sea coast

The Angel Of Death will stay God’s hand

Our time of deliverance has come

JAH does not give more than we can bear

Righteousness has entered His kingdom

Truth condones and allows our share




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