Two decades in, God’s creation eventually surpassed itself – homo sapiens seated themselves in Father’s big chair. They continue to kid each other everything is now known, so frivolously discount invisible and unknown quantities with braggadocios naivety. Now look! The sun blares down, Mother Earth increasingly gets hot and has turned into a retarded melting pot – killing randomly, in wanton destruction of property. Global warming is an overt factor alongside misused and abused land spaces, added to overwhelmingly potent, increased sunlight aligned, as well, to man made ozone deficiencies. Now we have sum total, of aggressively unpredictable wildfires. In fact, natural disasters are commonplace, everyday features in daily life: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and hurricanes happen @regular, rather than sporadic intervals. Personally, I’m quite sure The Social is determined  and defined  with acute, and superficial balances equating: time, movement and action in definitive realities, i.e.: dysfunction, disruption and disorder, as ruptures procuring an expected norm.  Trump more than facilitates this strategy: many theorists are absorbed, quantifying edicts of Popularism – Narcissism in short. Of course, 2018 installed definitive global change, embodied in world leaders and their representatives, with many off the cuff intimations seemingly bearing fruit. Peace in our time is no mean feat and any designs, or moves toward that prerogative has to be encouraged and applauded. Those balances come into perspective, especially when we quantify materialist destruction wrought by everyday natural phenomenon. Surreal, if not ethereal, attempts, by humankind, to induce abstractions into those superficial balances, help to transform life into something which goes someway toward appeasing the status quo.. Hence, world peace could, quite well become primary steps on Heaven’s ladder, and paradise may well be here on planet Earth. This, also, is perception and interpretation based – Faith is undeniably enigmatic but it offers doors into rehabilitative realities – everyone experiences accidents and car crashes so recovery is essential criteria in human endurance. Belief offers acceptance and entry, into a maze of productivity craving proof, to confirm The Real – Heaven becomes a most persistent reality, fuelled with personal definitions and feel good positives too rewarding for any thoughts of refusal, or denials for that matter.  For any brave enough to invest their future, it is an invisible commitment to uphold Truth and glorify Righteousness. The entire Social becomes a fluorescent goldfish bowl, designed to reflect imprints – like fingerprints – @any and slightest point of contact, a; self-induced psychotic demeanour with its own internal reward system, guaranteed to bestow eternal life which, incidentally, is reputed to be a few rungs above basic immortality. All of a sudden, the impossible and once unimaginable comes sharply into focus, and we witness the instinctive change derived, from: dysfunction, disruption and disorder.