Table Of Confusion:

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Easy – to reduce universal

Creeds, swiftly produce faith’s common

Denominator, Our; Soul

Deity is bait: sacred seed’s Cool

Operator, then link divine

Saviour of course – now; celebrate

Peace and Love, represent any

Force worthily named celestial

Entity; exhibiting proven

Resolve – host’s wholehearted consent

See forever’s immediate

Vicinity calculated

Only One, twixt biological family

Fits each twirl, sowed theological

Focus – so carries on; emitting

Stable, psychological vetoes

And, we are in two-eighteen

Certain perpetuity should fold

Honesty uncomfortably sits

Between desire, other side

Technology amidst ‘call to prayer,’

When chosen names are engraved in gold

Bright stars reflect ‘The Righteous Fire.’

There’s so much to report about

What is actually going on

Those frauds in power openly flout

Protocol to create division

Human civilisation implodes

Trod wrong track making too many blips

Deviants skirt evolution roads

Pats on back praise stubbornly wise quips

Time for an, I told you so moment

Sling rough chat well charged, like conduit

Platform raised to central government

Switch attack – aim for high precipice

Ceaselessly we witness mindblowing

Memorials – defiant in

Virtuous rejection of

Atrocious, terrorist-deaths’ sting

Frantically wearing laurels

Trusted memories on forgiveness

Avenue; victorious bells

Silently ring – listen carefully

Hear heavenly chorus: for you

Angels with healing joyously sing

Religion exacerbates life

Situations; fuel to every

Flammable spark – if there’s ever

Been a table for confusion

It ushers in perpetual dark

Evaluations must present good

Opportunities – if we take them

Penchants for accomplishment whilst

Overtly rude, soon reverses

Delinquent minds become children…


To Right Injustice:

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You’re In Debt:

My great grandfather will have been born pre-1832 (dad arrived in 1928) so, without doubt, he was born in slavery. That doesn’t actually hurt me, @ll but it pains not knowing what really took place. England broached the island in the early sixteenth century, many slave families must have spent generations in slavery before great grandfather was born. England actually owes Us some sort of truth because my father alone, is now responsible for five (5) generations, of post-slavery descendants…. Wow!

Emotions open secret hives so

Irritations ache, and itch @source

Mental illusions slowly contrive

Wounded heartbreak, coupled remorse

Well, sometimes, feelings actually

Wrought inadvertent miracles

Queen Elizabeth’s been married

Perpetually – all her life

Say British oracle – symptom of

Paradise on a green planet

Glazed, starry-eyed; virtually

Schizophrenic, their Queendom’s wise

Importunity subscribes, rather

Instinctively, allied martyrdom

There are places untouched by human

Imagination – down annals of

Historic personalities

Where angels leave traces; imbued

Divine ordination nurtures

Sweet inspiration, giving praises

Faith has to Be, Real personal

Function – enabled souls see, now

Judgement’s seven seals are broken

With distinction; Earth was torn from

World excess, taken outside Sin’s

Brainless apparition – condoned

Maladjustment’s antithetic

Derivations failing finesse, per

Peerless intuition, welcomed with

Great, tumultuous accord – mindful

Victory defines separate

Incongruous biospheres – true and

Fraud – @imprint History whilst

Truth must prevail above all things

For there to Be, effervescent

Eternity, then youth: gather your

Rope, cast off and set sail for that

Blessed island christened, Liberty

We’ll see Columbus frazzle, each day

Lost souls graciously return to fold

Simple logistics on display

Reveal those ships from coasts of gold

Damn right! We’re owed explanations

To fill inexplicable voids

And, no talk compensation

Not when we’re prototype androids….



Save Our Futures…

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So we can’t live forever but 

Guaranteed to leave something behind

What though? may be, even some slight

Residual traces in blood…


People already know our Highest Place

Children must Be, safely protected

Their daily lives resplendent – with grace

Not left, hungry nigh neglected

Noooo! Me can’t take these killings anymore

Media’s turned obituary

Young bodies scroll like sand ‘pon seashore

Global-wise, Death is eternity

We face unprecedented meltdown

Situations revealed in this

Postmodern world; innumerable

Innocents have actually drowned

Such deviation, so terrible

It’s impossible to withold

Stories – no doubt incredible

Human souls are still being sold

Cash! To account very little has

Changed – currency science dominates life’s

Social, in situ. cost of living

Mounts, survival is name of this game

Ruled by money; sex and violence

Contaminate proverbial

Moral spaces: wantons throw rich bait

After spiced honey, available

Various colours, different races

Blink of one eye, we won’t be here

Imagine what is left behind

Offspring populate familiar

Biosphere, replicas remain in

Faith’s familial blood-bind

Destroy what is now, your conscience will

Seethe: plant lessons which grow, good works

Bound @retrieve future heritage

Read: compound interest inducing

Fabled ‘Rites Of Passage’, and way home.



Agnes Dei:

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Yes – we were in The Zone: bling dance

Finest threads, sounds clash and we jam

All flowed respective bubbles to enhance

Incognito designers, whole place ram

Solid with Rasta – ites, gold, green

Bordered terrestrial – celestial lines

Gad set every programme, placed serene

Conversation; reasoning mirrored

Holy Bible confines – even how

Jesus Christ’s prophecies figured

Our individual futures

On show: Daniel flowed; angels presiding

Topic, especially Uriel and Michael’s

Signature so indicated

Alexander, hence: cult horse-worship

Oh my! what a glorious night

As we jigged off hell’s burning slave ship

Reuben whooped loudest – in delight

@last, Empire relinquish grip

So we pray to The Our Father

With hope, to be blessed and sustained

In image of Our Mother

Wrested from that slippery slope

Enabled once more, to live again

Said, he was here before Abraham

We’re surely missing something there

Transformed to Lion, from Lamb

Let heathen doubt Us, if they dare….

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