Only One Left:

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Lost In Transit:

How they skip back and forth across

Invisible borders as if

Someone actually gave them wings

Watch them – sporting brand new camcorders

Like bumble bees with venomous stings

‘She run go buy trick from obeah man

Fully convinced, in dark magic

Didn’t read bible – or Moses plan

God made his – by far – the largest….’



‘… there were they in great fear:

for God Is, in the generation of the righteous….


Poverty warped inebriate minds

Forced them across un-negotiable

Borders; trapped, inextricable binds

Fuse fortune’s unfortunate soldiers

Untold misdemeanours lie dormant

Seared, consciences remain unashamed

Wretched souls became irrelevant

Very quickly – found scapegoats to blame

Devils pretend to be angels

Fully aware, betrayal stinks

Knee deep in sexual triangles

Civilisation lies, on the brink

Evolution is definitely

Time’s: cowed, broken, browbeaten bitch

Solutions, indiscriminately

Scream so loud they’re piercingly high pitch

Demons have eyes on fast ticking clocks

Whilst others watch: one, another

Any progress causes rippled shocks

As fear hurriedly peeks over shoulders

Those fools embrace Hell’s darkest art

Constantly work devious tricks

Forgot: Judgement wilfully plays part

@ death, they hope to make a quick switch

The first happens while they still breathe

Second, they think is initial

Left to feed worm – rotten carcase seethe

So, last rites are circumstantial

Our deepest pain remembers friends

Secretly – we fear growing old

Birthdays still count, yes! Even when

Lovers long since, left this stricken world

Now, they’re bigger than heinous murder

Because God is a dream they once had

Innocents they shamelessly tender

Evil – they think – is just a fad

Let them make irreversible deals

With Satan – soon to pick up slack

Idiots don’t seem to understand

So entrenched, they forget payback….


Just Leave, Already…

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Surreptition is your friend’s best

Weapon: art of surprise procures no

Rest – adopting self-preservation

Decries contrition; ensures: friendship tests….


Life presents bags full o’ mysteries

Fools dare confidently predict

May be collusive, intricate stories

Inculcate survival instinct

Friends who seem, not to go away

Memories wound our very soul

Plastic smiles, on meeting, portray

Sweetly hedged bets: who looks more old

Hardened hearts pretend oblivious

Frequently, cupboard doors open

Hidden skeletons glow luminous

Since trust is callously broken

Same time, faith is called, in: questions

Public scrutiny always demand

Tethered souls lack consideration

So – employ devious, underhand

Tactics, conformed to government plans

Foucault’s right – change must be adapted

Contextually, allowing

Disruption to serve greatest good

Benefits appease, substantially

Anytime corruption is understood

Brexit fosters virulent schemes

Projects opposed adjutants

Each side proffers deceptive themes

Though, arguments remain constant

Europe’s determination will hold

Stricken communities @ransom

Unprotected societies

Pushed out, into ignominy’s cold

Face total destruction; emerging

Markets corralled, in subservience

Reluctantly endure de’ ja vu

Culled via economic slavery

Engineered by a rampant EU

Unconcerned with global poverty

Yes! Leave that monstrous members’ club

Start over – rather, than continue

Support a legal mafia-hub

Designed to extort revenue….


Societal Confusion:

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Worlds descend confusion

Selfishness rules high office

Demons taunt helpless children in

Derision – they are, after all, surplus


Compared to E P Thompsons archaic

Assumptions: Postmodernity

Made psycho-sociology Real

Social networks incur psychic

Tenure, elucidating trials

Foucault induced as disruption

Hence, we witnessed Freud’s inadvertent

Popularity – intrinsic

Characteristic of human

Etymological construction

… evil permeates itinerant

Minds murderers profligate in droves

Society’s belligerent

Misdemeanors signal hope’s abode

Many trust wickedness and sin

Whilst criminals build acceptable

Empires – little thought spared

Victims quickly forgotten in Hell’s

Intemperate desires: designed

Adversary to Truth and Right

Such negated future consigned

Misfortunes’ mental inebriates

Fodder, enveloped in hapless blight

Trapped among situations so

Deliberate, there’s precious little

Option – some don’t even bother

Social conscience may well secure

Our loved ones in shrouded honesty

Colloquial sentiments abjure

Bias – instead, favoured unity…

Nations bow:

… eart a’ run red

count in-numerous dead

world leaders celebrate

instead, they increase the

price of cheese and bread….


Things aren’t so easy anymore

Money’s tight, food hard come by

Communities rise, there’s uproar

Legislated taxes feed lies

State governments heinously perjure

Every side this changed world

Disavows truth: confirmed abuse

Gullible populations suffer

When sold, sly efforts confuse

Civilisations natural

Order; conveniently rolled

Out dubious collateral

Collectively wrapped together tight

Superfluous demonstrations of

Fervently feverish, unchecked

Impunity – innocents die each

Day for goodness sake – children account

easily, The More; deviously

Denied even remote chance to allay

Hunger pains nor mention help they

Implore an unflinching globe, display

Mercy is byword for weakness

Murder rains on those condemned, left

Carrion littering streets in

Obvious distress: hearts hardened, minds numb

Bereft all hope – lacked support

International powers – wholly

Responsible – refuse comfort, less

Feasible rapport, though; someone

Should – with integrity, address

Acceptable balance, based on

Succoured national solemnity…





Working Magic:

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… Stable psychological vetoes

And we are now in two-eighteen

Certain perpetuity should fold

Honesty sits uncomfortably

Between desire, other side

Technology amidst ‘call to prayer.’

Where people burn righteous fire….


She cleverly plied his ass, as

Night closed in – her cheapest parts showed

Under dim light, with added class

He fantasised, about getting blowed

Alternate breasts popped out, as they

Shimmy across his gasping face

So close, he whispered, ‘gimme – gimme.’

She picks up pace – gyrating her waist

Drink slowly took massive effect

Body slumped, tongue began to loll

Quickly, she rifled his pockets

Then pushed him – the chair began to fall

She promptly left the room, took time

With swift glances over shoulder

Bewitched: ridiculous to sublime

Shopped by CCTV recorder

Mistress would surely torture her

By way of devious punishment

An invitation to murder

Simply doubling tax, raising rent

Regulars would be eager to help

They actually worshipped her trade

Her body, soon mangled like sea kelp

Mirrors crashed car wrapped round balustrade

She swiftly returned to the room

Anxiously putting things right

Slipped off her drawers, quickly resumed

Private dancing; kissed and hugged him tight

Luckily, only then he became

Conscious – licking slav’ver  from his lips

Rabid, bloodshot eyes sized slender frame

Cautious – not antagonise dips and

Slips whilst snidely returning cash

She faked it – oohing, ahhing precise

Emotion-sounds, as if chocolate-lashed

Across bare buttocks, to pay the price

Unconsciously committed taboo

Brazenly enjoyed sex with a stranger

Prisoner in Madame’s human zoo

Sold out – and in mortal danger

She performed superficial duty

Durex swelled, like pig’s bladder with air

Sweat, result of vigorously

Manic activity – laid carnal

Instincts embarrassingly bare

And then, to therapeutic bath

Scented perfumed suds float over

Ragged, befuddled flesh – on her path, to

Accursed servitude, for; another

Mistress, in a long line of control

Since early teens – now twenty-three

To detriment of mortal soul

Condemned, worked-out, forever busy

Left with disturbed dreams – always cold

Resigned, to exist in slavery

Made to work sexual magic

A lifetime of service – how tragic…



Poetry Lives!

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…Let Us bring our bowls to table

Simply reveal: each has to show

Adorn such, that is incredible

Reverently witness haloes’ glow….

History is being recorded

Same time, as we eat breakfast

Invisible files happen, to leave

Us confounded because personal

Hopes disappointingly contrast

Self-indulgent dreams secretly

Nurtured, end of days epitaphs

Designed for eternal reverie

Victors pray, will continue to last

All forget life’s metanarrative

Infinite, effervescent Truth

Faith surfaces, and so impulsive

Quite unpredictable from your youth

Land where sweet smelling buds’ aromas

Gently waft along intuition’s

Breeze – our wildest, impossible enigmas

Cooly mirrored in angels and trees

Come, let Us move on to brighter

Futures, pulling regressives behind

Intellects bestowed first order

Also defined progressive minds

Joseph told pharoah to build store barns

@stroke – eradicate hunger

Become almighty God’s right arm

Bring starving children out of danger

Remember! Word was here from beginning

Qualified Son, of The Father

Blunted Death’s ignominious sting

Being, amongst Us ever-after….




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