Our past rolls on with what used to be

Consigned memories inclined to bring

Smiles to our hopeful faces

Tributes ensure we wont be forgotten

So follow Love’s lead and ignite those

Tell tale traces, in time to come

We will grace literatures pages

Inspiration, appealing by sight

History’s temporal gauges

Our testament to Truth and Right…


Special people leave indelible marks

Memories that will never erase

Light who shines when we’re lost in the dark

Guide us through life’s unfathomable maze

We experience rarest of times

When coolest fresh breeze combine mid-flow

Whole atmospheres suffuse sublime

Collaborations: safe in knowledge,

Zebby, AKA Frank, made us grow

He touched us all and gave us courage

To face our deepest and darkest fears

Brought foes together – united as friends

Yes! That’s why we’re all here

Together as family once again

Frank always had something good to say

Proffered support when we needed it most

Showered good vibes when his music played

Uplifted hearts when he made a toast

Of course – we know he touched us all

This host is here to commemorate his life

Oh Lord, JAH, here me now, I call

Hold him in your bosom and squeeze him tight

For yea, though we walk in shadows of Death

Father never sleeps so we wont stumble or fall

The Lord God, JAH RasTaFari, is with us yet

He always hear us whenever we call

In our celebration – God bless you Frank

Because you brought peace and stopped the wars

So you’re not forgotten or ever in need or want

Blessed to high Heaven up amongst stars…