Come Inside:

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Poetry reflects back from your mirror

What you see, is what you actually are

Fate applies invisible scissors

Snips errant thoughts, leaving not a scar

An illusion we all imagine

So, cast ourselves in leading roles

Dreams ignite powerful engine

Read on – inhabit your latest scrolls

Fantasize persistent heroes

You’re always going to get the girl

Bowl them over like felled dominoes

Crown yourself on top of that world

Its all about self-empowerment

Ask Childe Harolde – he turned the key

Traded personal encouragement

Whilst Byron wowed high society

Money Blinds Them.

April rains arrived late this year

Don’t hear anyone questioning why

Too busy hustling for Greed’s share

Haven’t heard Mother Earth’s anguished cry

It’ll all come back to haunt humankind

Crass, evil selfishness knows no bounds

Cares less towards problems – as if blind

Global warming consigned lost, not found

The law has indeed become an ass

Punishes those doing the right thing

Supports fools attending Mammon’s mass

Dressed up in sophisticated bling

Scientists put timelines on it

Aforementioned Spring is rather late

Carbon footprint increases panic

Governments laugh @destruction’s gate

These things may be designed to happen

To show humans their error of ways

Meta-conscious wit, quickly sharpened

May well harness conservation plays

Obviously, our planet is warming

We’re fortunate enough to be warned

How long, before they do something

The storm will come, after this calm….

Murderers: Sri Lanka – April 2019:

Can’t even think about giving up

Not, knowing they’re most cheatingest cheats

How demons pitch biggest sweet stuff

Shuffling side to side, dancing feet

Belief, central tenet pushing force

Tatooed across quivering hearts

Rides minds, like champion racehorse

Baggage lagging behind, as spare part

Sudden destruction, without cause

Life so precious sacrificed to wind

False pride you place in sinful wars

Wretched conscience commands you, rescind

Once, belief offered salvation

Faith’s route to save relented souls

Stupid fools cling on to damnation

Branded, all told, the devil’s ghouls

Can’t be expected to value life

They seditiously abuse their own

Violence, their deceitful wife

Ensures their death is already sown

Senseless killing is much too galling

Cold hearted killers contain such bile

They’re snakes who, on their bellies crawling

Suffer innocent woman, and chil’e….

System Narks:

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Oh, for joys of youthful spring

When nature blooms colourful clothes

Our cycle of life again, begins

Whilst green grass still, even greener grows

So doleful ewes may watch lambs jump, and spring

Soft winds flicker leaves – frame vibrant

Beautiful buttercups amidst ruffled

Violet and white sheaves flanked by

Sweet smelling flower puffs, wafted in

Gentlest breeze – over quaint old

Wishing wells, hidden behind gnarled

Ancient trees held fast, under fate’s

Convivial, mesmeric spell….

Still harp on about colour, and creed

For goodness sakes: its two-nineteen

An age of rampant, auspicious greed

Politics is exposed as unclean

Systematic exploitation runs

Corrupt social institutions

Take not, these metaphorical puns

Each heinously scratches another’s back

Planet earth stinks of pollution

Her guardians – no doubt – lost track

Some, so confident in wrong doing

Feed, like voracious sinecure

Always return, just like verdant Spring

But hands and hearts are filthy, not pure

Those hangers on this bandwagon

Cry blood, with loud spotless voices

Swiftly give honour – ten to gallon

Freedom suddenly allows choices

Their ruse, eventually, will expose

Callous demons in fleshly apparel

Stood tall on extended tip toes

Whilst peeping, perched on beer barrels

Those fools have no qualms slumming it

Actually steal ideas from our poorest

Their empty minds full of selfish shit

Inclined to model, and pretend they’re best

Trapped in hypocrisy when past dates are lit

Those fukk@z have no insistent shame

There is God! He knows their angle

And, their dubious expense claims

BBC and government hold the handle

Sick punks shower-cleanse three times daily

But, this stain can never, ever wash off

Wicked souls are patched, also scaly

Here come riff-raff pretending toff

One thing, to be honest and true

Another, conniving whilst deceitful

Check the ones prone to dispute and argue

The ones whose cups are always brimming full…..

Heads Buried In Sand….

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This one is far from traditional

April: cool, spring air, scented flowers

Early morn birdsong, smiling faces

Where, tell me, has it all disappeared to

Typical warning signs in offing

Climate change suddenly became real

May be, days of incessant rain

Designed to nurture and feed hard ground

Lost track, time suffers high turbulence

Or, we’re all wearing padded blinkers

Sir David had his say – who listens

Forward premonitions augur Hell

Still they remain – heads buried in sand

Get rich now, there’s no tomorrow

Polar icecaps rapidly melt

Sea level inevitably rises

He says, we may even starve to death

Others wilfully take things to task

If we needed another Moses

Please Father God – I beg – send him now….

Dual Compass:

They plot stars, callously devining

HORRORscopes – up in the heavens

Such fantasy, way beyond belief

Augur myth bordered crass falshood

Many forget ‘firmament above’

Also below, inclusive dual existence

We have relative combinations

Reflected up there, and underneath

Consider: son, moon, star; each maintains

Comparable opposites in their

Respective realms, everything

Celestial coincides with its

TYerrestrial counterpart

So why search the sky for what must be

Present here, existing on earth

The equation is too simple

For people to accept it as truth

But why point to God in sky

When HIM is obviously here on earth

Eh? Why look for heaven up there

When it is actually down here

Before you ridicule what you don’t

Understand, think without prejudice

More so, Truth stranger than fiction…

*****HIM: His/ Her Imperial Majesty

A new world must bring new solutions…..

Through The wilderness:

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Strange things happened during transit

Discussion ironed out straight, small curves

Many so wilfully complicit

Especially, supplicants of Jove

Size dominates materialist thought

Intrinsicly, money-into-play

Aligned time bought assures success

Condones exaggerated delay

Designed to weaponize stress

Pitch black dead of night, forces intrude

Defence slackens as desire bites

Wanton yearning – for sleazy night food

Its struggle: moving stealthy, unheard

Very little, if any sleep

Material comfort seemed absurd

No question we found ourselves in deep

He’d been gone now, a few days since

Many young intemperates exposed

Greed fostered role play, making us wince

@beautiful women lined in rows

Faced with ultimate temptation

I or should I say, we wilted

But the look, of consternation

When he returned: our faces melted

Who knows how long he stood there watching

Us – its like an age soon quickly passed

Delinquents repaying faith with distrust

Everything had gone downhill, fast

His anger, no favourite of mine

Exploded with concerted force

As if whirlwinds of potent design

when all done, we were full of remorse….

Windrush Fallout...

Victims of cruel stereotype
Cosseted era of Living Hood
Unmistakable neon hype
And seriously misunderstood
Not worthy to tie England's laces
Even so, our culture they covet
Taught to sing Great Britain's praises
Empire on which sun never set
Actually invited us here
Spoke of imperial family
Many embarked, "with loudest cheer
Now, look! Such disgraceful infamy."

Happens: justice pitches loaded odds
so postcodes cede racial bias
Mixed, sinking sand - goaded with prods
Wielded by hypocritical liars
Statistics support this ugly rant
Prison population just one instance
Wealth and Prosperity concurrent
See: generations of imbalance

The Social: less sweet than sour…

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So eyes down, colour focussed, watch fate’s dice

Roll precariously close your

Trembly future:

Spies around Picadilly circus

Bribe with exotic mindbending spice

And stole user friendly clothes to ensure

Pain’s perpetual discomfiture

Nothing new – unlike The Emperor…

Surveillance rules dirty Babylon

View favourite, usual suspects

Money adjoined machine, ‘yes we can.’

Only way through, “cry blood! John Public.”

Elaborate Social deign conform

Non-sophisticate ladys’ sugar

Celebrate! Another one born

Much less than – raw pinkish colour

All seems doom follows gloom, presently

Would cherish, even little good news

Close book reams full with anxiety

Set fire to boxes, of tissues

These times: taxman rise up scale, start loom

Easter survive in name only – nothing else

Jones’, next door, quickly dust swinging broom

Soon, early birdsong make hearts melt

Chirp, cheeping careless who hear

Welcome scenes drab, dreary adorn

Sunlight glistens whole atmosphere

Habitually begins, again

Like our second beginning

Early morn street rekindles old friend

Oh! These joys of beautiful Spring

‘A doubt anyone know what they doing….

You done know: life is an assault course

Not easy to be strong and willing

So nurture your self-protective force

Consciously aware there’s knife killing

People expect it to happen

Fool follow-fashion normality

Social parameters broken

Cramp and paralyse communities

Ask yourself: where is that hub

Centre of local activity

Our grapevines’ invisible club

Ensures we grow as family

Frequent accounts of drastic street rage

Images of horrendous stab wounds

Animal behaviour! Must put in cage

Foot to eat? Given plastic plates and spoons….

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