Roodbwoy Poetry: hybridized sensitivity…

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So we chilled on our regular corner

Hypersensitizing initial programmes

Of consensual deceit; for my part

Marginalization seemed integral

Something we grew into, getting very

Much used to it as time progressively passed

Maybe subservience was their original blueprint

Apartheid wasn’t anything special

Or entirely new – for that matter

Disposing of Religion gave them options

They could rearrange notions of faith

Condescending to every portion of

Systematic abuse; fuelling surreptitious ideas

Detailing callously hidden agendas

Still, we resisted – having no fear of their

Heinously calculated intentions

It would take much more than abridged

Servitude, openly convincing acceptance of their devious attempts, to install neo-slavery

In all its dreadful guises; they are changing

The world alright, speaking back to its regressive

State, inputting a pecking order, mentally

Installing: first, second and third tier level importance

Wilfully confusing us unfortunates

Pinned to life’s bottom rung….

Forked Tongue….

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Jacob’s ladder promotes ascendance

Intercedes verdant integrity

Naked truth compels obeisance

So, reduces complexity

Mysteries pervade existence

Jinn congregate around dark corner

Dishonest – with greatest eloquence

Souls, they nonchalantly devour

Doesn’t bear thinking about fool’s

Who kill the cow that supplies their milk

Crafty enough, setting traps as rules

Whilst smeared consciences are duly spilt

It’s quite easy to slither through cracks

In this paved tapestry of life

Very similar, to rogue syntax

Fit for shredding with paper knife

Many are too quick, to lay down

Accept defeat and surrender

Happily play willing, stupid clown

That proverbial great pretender

Ignorant people help you along

All too ready, to write chances off

Soon at pains, to point out you’re wrong

Behind plastic smile, gleefully scoff

Jealousy, hate’s most heinous demon

Employs devils @shifty work

Vile, conniving, secretive felons

Innocent lives, they take for joke

Connoisseurs of artistic cheat

Adept in loaded competition

Poison, flavoured bewitchingly sweet

@mouth, destroys your constitution

Ever so tritely convivial

How they sparkle and glisten lies

Slyly explode things trivial

Tactics involve heartrending surprise

Insidious, amoral heathen

Selfish beyond normal recall

Spin their web to collar victims, then

Open hell’s miserable portal

Such people were haloed companions

Adroit confidante, but for hire

They paint deceitful illusions

Whilst building your funeral pyre

Christ said cut it off, if right hand offends

An Oracle you should consult

As remedy for bogus friends

Positive action yields good results….


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…the ones of personal making

Faith’s listening voice – deep in thought

Our teacher’s disgruntled driver

Invariably stops us falling apart

Must be something extra, in ourselves

Delightfully surreal, but real

Packaged and wrapped, sat on high shelves

Bypassed until bells chime Christmas

But when in dire, eventful need

Call, and belief stands assuredly tall

Strength girded essence helps us succeed

Against intolerable odds

Roll under control, smoking weed

Like poisonous peas huddled in pods….

Astutely crowned, essential moment

Brand sizzles invisible filip

Commercial sell-out, circumvent

Pitch course: Caribbean trip

Plot Leeward isles via Miami

Touch down civilisation’s throes

Nature intrudes and takes hold of me

See all nations swell up, abuzz

Volcanic residue red, so tell

Milk actually grows on trees

Sun hot ’til people get dizzy spell

Heavenly aroma floats on breeze

Butterflies spit vicious, live sting

Mango juicier than pregnant bust

Purple pineapple’s red, blue bling

Sealife straddles nature’s surplus

Thoughts overcome immediacy

Became its veri-est whim

Will bludgeons inspiration’s key

Incurs imaginary swim

Out, amidst lyrical suspension

Simply bewitch stupified ears

Induce talk controlled apprehension

Aggravate hidden, secret fears

Wordflow expands intrinsic power

Infinity’s maze, unrealized

Adeptly made angels lower

Hence, untold ages freely inscribed

Earth runs wickedly instinctual

Quickly laid hype – shots sharply react

Up front, heavy cashflow integral

Heroes boost-up celebrity chat

Atmospheric assonance slither

Static-incredulity, fresh air

Swiftly coaxed buffeted lobes hither

Frazzled slow, writhes electric chair

Drilled, stacatto alliteration

Peppers blue aura, lightest pink

Heavy duty consideration

Ridicules Babylon, dirty – stink….

Slavery Lament….

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The Holy Bible told us, the sins of our fathers would visit through third and fourth generations – we fully expect every fourth generation to be blessed with essential traits signifying a loosening of chains, and further steps towards equality in this Postmodern era. The Struggle has been waged for centuries, now – we have lost count of generation-type because we don’t know, and have no clue, when transatlantic slavery began – not to mention the incalculable amounts of slaves taken – through the back door – East and assimilated into Arabian conquests. The mockery that is Religion and the truth it alleges is a lost cause, yet they kill in the name of a god, reputedly the same, that doesn’t actually exist…

An incalculable disapora

Farmed canefields designed: ‘feed for Europe.’

Robbed of life’s definitive future

Resigned to servitude without hope

Shackled and chained, to dubious toil

Forced through with religious consent

Putrid, fettered souls accrued as spoil

Empire abused innocents

Faith’s defenceless pawns – in time and space

Meander slow, along destiny’s

Unerring path, each trickle timed

On clock face; memories only

Return to harvest Judgment’s wrath

Completely aware of evil

They perpetrated against Us

Falsity condoned by a feeble

Unremorseful world, pulsing mistrust

Darwin was actually present

Ensconced deep in Brazil rainforest

In fact, it was his profound advent

Of how nature divines, and selects

Remember! Its just a theory

Nothing was ever rubber stamped

Non-defined, non-descript History

Formed excuse for Slavery’s lamp

Our foreparents ran out of oil

We’re told they were in total darkness

This eloquent story comes to boil

When scientists decide to confess….

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