Le Bourgeoisie…

Word became innocent bystander

So, recorded pitiful climes spent sucking

Carrot and coriander, from time worn spoons

Soon, Wimbledon will exhaust strawberry

Markets; unenviable cartoons

Compliment customary clapping

Belligerent uncompromising

Racket wielding comfortably merge

Diverse celebrities, backslapping…

Austerity’s Curse:

Entrusted safeguarding our future

Successive egotistical

Megalomaniacs soon lost their way

They personally sequestrated modes of

Materially rewarding

Self-gratification, which now holds sway

They’re distinct metaphysical

Schizophrenics, lost in idle chat

Who left the lower classes to foot

Their self-indulgent bill, and payback

Nauseous burdens of debilitating

Abject poverty, on recorded

Slates of state compiled debenture

Compellingly, pouring economic

Solvency down bottomless holes

rapidly filled with remains from

sacrificed soldiers of The West…

Your Self…

There’s ethereal power inside

Has to be, surely

In whom you intimately confide


When laid – barely awake, slowly rue

Silly, fake mistakes

Ghastly glitches on personal view

Also search faith

Hope’s listened to, silent voice – deep in thought

Our teacher’s driver

Invariably, stops us falling apart

Held fast together

Must be something extra, in ourselves

Real, but surreal class

Packaged, tightly wrapped on high shelves

Bypassed ’til Christ-mass

But when in dire, eventful need

Call, and Self stands tall

Strength and essence help us succeed

So Love will enthrall

Rash, insistent competitors

Side swipes who choose to ridicule

Amongst detractors

So doubt’s thomas’ remain @play

As glib, rabid fools

Whose arguments prolong yesterday…

May be this is how its supposed to be

A melting pot of triers’ paper chase

Hurry come experts @Poetry

Use Linkedin to refresh their case

But this thing has run for centuries

Stalwarts-cum-stayers command respect

Byron was one who raised infamy

His great works survive, so we reflect

Creative jaunts outlive creators

Only, if you’re destined to win

Later, hallowed names adjudged greater

Join that pantheon of living spin

So be not quick to rashly accuse

Works of others who join this rush

Poe’sy’s luxury – no one refused

Social medias condoned crush

These ones are like crabs in a barrel

Good discipline and manners got left

behind – like unwanted apparel

Many learned writers are bereft

In kind – refined quality goes unseen

Riff raff holl’a, making ’nuff noise

Their hands and hearts remain unclean, whilst

Sinister cliques eradicate choice

In attempts to be portrayed on movie screens