Faith does heal but you must allow

Nature to bring essential nurture

Customs carried, we’re bound follow

Deep inside reams, living culture

Fresh winds blow away old cobwebs

So shrilled, stagnant stale air

Swoons surreal, scented rose beds

Wrapped in stories so people, do care

Whisk me beyond, in amongst breeze where

Words sing without being spoken

Beside streams, luscious fruit-hanging trees

Valued spatial episodes unbroken


Time assented to free our minds

Without fear, or quick reprisals

From intimate questions left unanswered

Among so many broken taboos

Full of intriguingly crossed, red lines

Gender’s multifarious call

Prised doors previously locked shut

Which experimentation exposed

Under frivolous deception

Visible success ascribe homage

Payed to dubious deities

Aligned bonded belief

Still, hope for something more pleasing

Since any outcome is our surmise

Hurry up grasp open history

Ensure success built on proven signs

Faith alleviates hidden stresses

Quickly, soothe overheated valves

Engage cerebral intuition

Cue: activate progressive mind

Feel-good is actually a place

Designed fail-safe psychic matrix

An extended proverbial Self

Well balanced with necessary gauges….