Fraudulent Roodbwoys rule ghetto roosts

Whilst devious sell-outs get paid

All comfortably wear costly clothes

Splashed from guilt free, blinging phat pockets

But Heaven is not built with money

Neither is Salvation @price

Slide past world confusion’s contrary

Slight; similar The One, Jesus Christ…

Relationships define phases

We’re always eager to go through

Failed affairs of conscience – wild goose chase

Designed to test and expose hidden virtue

I missed you this morning, really did

Breakfast is such a lonely place now

Wolfed down at incredible speed

Alone – no conversation flow

So love once, was ours to keep

Wrapped in quaint shrouds where no one ventured

We boxed clever, very discreet

Met in shaded places no one entered

Time elapsed but memories cling

To vestibules of hidden regret

Can’t quite put finger on it, something

Wounded thoughts quickly turn to tablets

Mistakes were made, I’m first to admit

But fault does not sit in one corner

You’re so reluctant to accept guilt

Yet you did things, plain out of order

Hearts can’t abide in between stress

Neither dwell amongst argument

Rather enjoy quivering flesh

Worked out until totally spent

Wanted you more than for just good sex

Even though a great part of it

We did our thing, as you’d expect

There were times when I felt complete

I don’t actually want you back

Better you move on, already

Made up your mind, retain good ballast

Find another who’ll make you happy….