The Ones who pretend everything’s nice

Sleep peacefully and eat food

Fresh, fragrantly perfumed scented clothes

Mask stinking rot swept under carpet…


We’re obliged to apportion blame

In this world of gilded scapegoats

Consolidated favours and claims

Cause lumped phlegm in deviant’s throats

Brexit saps supercilious mind

Ruthlessly charted career path

Parliament’s business, left behind

Whilst quaint fools discharge pious wrath

Supposedly, for good ol’ Blighty

So green and pleasant, as confirmed

Proficient in legal integrity

That bastion, from which many worlds learned

Again, and returned back to basic

Well, make sure dig foundations deeper

Assimilate each shade – ev’ry clique

Cast off ignorant, racist sleepers

We see apparent social meltdown

Disgruntled life chances @source

Poor people harangue: loudest sound

Activists amass numerical force

Worldly troubles quickly drop in view

As rainclouds gather, far horizons

Take arduous turns when fates construe

Myriad dark comparisons

Rebellious serfs slowly rise

Against gut-wrenching poverty

Desperation succinctly makes wise

Sufferers under austerity

Westminster set humanity’s Right

Peers’ voices echo global concerns

Gravely alerted children’s plight

In ghastly places innocents burn

Racism’s hypocritical storm

Simply threatens normal existence

Homo sapiens generic form

Site skin’s superficial difference

Look! Murder thrives sleazy corners

Trades lives with knives on fleetest feet

Cheap, misguided urban warriors

Merge onset darkness – all hell’s on street.