We’re at crossroads where fantasy

Steadily usurps rubber stamped

Truth appended, day-to-day life

Blood and family are fostered before

Talent, skill and latent ability

An age of pretentious tongue-waggers

Supersede any attempt to make

Reality, The Real; talent is

Unmistakable but

Annual, non-stop grooming, from a

Ridiculously young age, lacks

spontaneiity, whilst boredom

Disfigures any attempt to project

Non-existent ability

So we’re actually forced fed

Those relentless, year-to-year coached

State backed celebrity hacks

Who, amount to no more than clueless

Media projected, talentless punk-asses

Favour’s nepotist Right Of Passage

Reeks, from: modern day Rag And Bone men

Morphed into shady antique dealers

through, to elite athlete platforms

Where junior earns a guaranteed

Easy wage, whilst plastered across

International media outlets

Endorsed by mummy or daddy’s

Global, professional reputation

Of course its standard procedure

To cheat and undermine The System

Everyone does it, don’t they…..