About Poe’sy And Me:

This is my world: exhibiting Poe’sy my lover and lifelong companion.  Poe’sy is absolutely everything to me, I dare to not, ever, contemplate life without her…. Poe’sy pervades my sleep, haunts me when I eat, absolutely destroys me if I dare to fall in love, drives me crazy when I lose focus.   Poe’sy has dominated my entire existence, since I was fifteen (15) years old, allowing me no respite; showing me the consequences, of: when true love bites life is a perpetual blight , she absorbs me every night and assures me she is the way to true light.  I absconded, one time, eluded her for two (2) years and how she suffered me, threatening to destroy my very existence, if I didn’t return forthwith: she is my lover, and refuses to allow me any other.  When she ‘puts it on me,’ when she adores me, when she holds me, so beautifully tight and consumes me; we transcend physical boundaries, visiting stars, worlds afar, become enjoined in a mound of non-physical ecstasy, leaving me no choice, whatsoever, except to keep on shouting: “poe’sy, poe’sy what are you doing to me!  Why are you so possessive, not giving  me a chance to indulge in physical romance.  You have my thoughts and enslave my heart, when will you allow me a chance, to achieve respectable balance; even to have a life, select myself a beautiful wife, to become responsible and sober, you have watched me grow much older.  I want my freedom and then some!”  Poe’sy always replies in the same way, saying identical things and I succumb.  “You belong to me  man!  You are at liberty to see only me.  So try again my hopeless renegade slave, be willful and disobedient.  You will come back, Poe’sy’s yoke will be tighter still, make captive and control your free will.”  I resign myself to subservient life, at the hands of my beloved Poe’sy. Trapped in a world preventing me from being lonely, never seeking anything but words of love and liberty; one with my captor most beautiful, Poe’sy.

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