A Little Self-motivation…

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We all have quirks and problem

Because nobody is perfect

No harm in trying to solve them

But, getting started is the trick

You’re a member of society

Big up yourself and step to the plate

Being here, is an opportunity

Theres no – whatsoever – reason why

you can’t be great

This thing starts with you and yourself, alone

Holla some noise, quick – make a good move

When this message reach you, pick up the phone

You deserve a break, get in the groove

Yeah! For real – Be, like anyone else

Jump off the shelf! Kickstart yourself

A state of Wellness will give you balance

Life belongs to everyone – you too

Be watchful, look hard for your chance

You’re also part of The Human Zoo

Remember to take care of yourself

If you can’t, think of someone who will

No shame calling out when you need help

There are many good agencies in

Leeds City Council

They’re always there when you need it

Usually, phonecalls click in less than a minute….

Nevermind The Quality… Oct. 2021

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We’re at crossroads where fantasy

Steadily usurps rubber stamped

Truth appended, day-to-day life

Blood and family are fostered before

Talent, skill and latent ability

An age of pretentious tongue-waggers

Supersede any attempt to make

Reality, The Real; talent is

Unmistakable but

Annual, non-stop grooming, from a

Ridiculously young age, lacks

spontaneiity, whilst boredom

Disfigures any attempt to project

Non-existent ability

So we’re actually forced fed

Those relentless, year-to-year coached

State backed celebrity hacks

Who, amount to no more than clueless

Media projected, talentless punk-asses

Favour’s nepotist Right Of Passage

Reeks, from: modern day Rag And Bone men

Morphed into shady antique dealers

through, to elite athlete platforms

Where junior earns a guaranteed

Easy wage, whilst plastered across

International media outlets

Endorsed by mummy or daddy’s

Global, professional reputation

Of course its standard procedure

To cheat and undermine The System

Everyone does it, don’t they…..

Who Ate All The Pies…

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The Ones who pretend everything’s nice

Sleep peacefully and eat food

Fresh, fragrantly perfumed scented clothes

Mask stinking rot swept under carpet…


We’re obliged to apportion blame

In this world of gilded scapegoats

Consolidated favours and claims

Cause lumped phlegm in deviant’s throats

Brexit saps supercilious mind

Ruthlessly charted career path

Parliament’s business, left behind

Whilst quaint fools discharge pious wrath

Supposedly, for good ol’ Blighty

So green and pleasant, as confirmed

Proficient in legal integrity

That bastion, from which many worlds learned

Again, and returned back to basic

Well, make sure dig foundations deeper

Assimilate each shade – ev’ry clique

Cast off ignorant, racist sleepers

We see apparent social meltdown

Disgruntled life chances @source

Poor people harangue: loudest sound

Activists amass numerical force

Worldly troubles quickly drop in view

As rainclouds gather, far horizons

Take arduous turns when fates construe

Myriad dark comparisons

Rebellious serfs slowly rise

Against gut-wrenching poverty

Desperation succinctly makes wise

Sufferers under austerity

Westminster set humanity’s Right

Peers’ voices echo global concerns

Gravely alerted children’s plight

In ghastly places innocents burn

Racism’s hypocritical storm

Simply threatens normal existence

Homo sapiens generic form

Site skin’s superficial difference

Look! Murder thrives sleazy corners

Trades lives with knives on fleetest feet

Cheap, misguided urban warriors

Merge onset darkness – all hell’s on street.

Memories Only Hurt If You Care…

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Fraudulent Roodbwoys rule ghetto roosts

Whilst devious sell-outs get paid

All comfortably wear costly clothes

Splashed from guilt free, blinging phat pockets

But Heaven is not built with money

Neither is Salvation @price

Slide past world confusion’s contrary

Slight; similar The One, Jesus Christ…

Relationships define phases

We’re always eager to go through

Failed affairs of conscience – wild goose chase

Designed to test and expose hidden virtue

I missed you this morning, really did

Breakfast is such a lonely place now

Wolfed down at incredible speed

Alone – no conversation flow

So love once, was ours to keep

Wrapped in quaint shrouds where no one ventured

We boxed clever, very discreet

Met in shaded places no one entered

Time elapsed but memories cling

To vestibules of hidden regret

Can’t quite put finger on it, something

Wounded thoughts quickly turn to tablets

Mistakes were made, I’m first to admit

But fault does not sit in one corner

You’re so reluctant to accept guilt

Yet you did things, plain out of order

Hearts can’t abide in between stress

Neither dwell amongst argument

Rather enjoy quivering flesh

Worked out until totally spent

Wanted you more than for just good sex

Even though a great part of it

We did our thing, as you’d expect

There were times when I felt complete

I don’t actually want you back

Better you move on, already

Made up your mind, retain good ballast

Find another who’ll make you happy….



Looking For Heaven…

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Faith does heal but you must allow

Nature to bring essential nurture

Customs carried, we’re bound follow

Deep inside reams, living culture

Fresh winds blow away old cobwebs

So shrilled, stagnant stale air

Swoons surreal, scented rose beds

Wrapped in stories so people, do care

Whisk me beyond, in amongst breeze where

Words sing without being spoken

Beside streams, luscious fruit-hanging trees

Valued spatial episodes unbroken


Time assented to free our minds

Without fear, or quick reprisals

From intimate questions left unanswered

Among so many broken taboos

Full of intriguingly crossed, red lines

Gender’s multifarious call

Prised doors previously locked shut

Which experimentation exposed

Under frivolous deception

Visible success ascribe homage

Payed to dubious deities

Aligned bonded belief

Still, hope for something more pleasing

Since any outcome is our surmise

Hurry up grasp open history

Ensure success built on proven signs

Faith alleviates hidden stresses

Quickly, soothe overheated valves

Engage cerebral intuition

Cue: activate progressive mind

Feel-good is actually a place

Designed fail-safe psychic matrix

An extended proverbial Self

Well balanced with necessary gauges….



Poetry Club 2…

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Self and I:

She governs life

So entertains wisdom

Each punk craves a slice

Some will endure martyrdom

In this superficial allegory

An intelligent metaphor

Since, nature holds the key

Go on – laugh, raucously guffaw

I’ll just sit here

Quietly talking, to me

Have I made myself clear

Loneliness is not your enemy…


Hordes jump this rickety bandwagon

Selfishly coast rapid slipstreams

Others suck scented wine flagons

Slowly commit surreal dreams

They scarce mention leisurely syntax

Nor scintillating, excited flow

Designs hardly show emotion’s cracks

Rather than ‘ Parts of Speech’ they borrow

In Poetry’s cerebral haven

Conversation ekes pathway to souls

Hot-shot lyrics – seven, eleven

Shape ministrations under control

So each word suffers due diligence

Grossly jells graphic gravitation

Sonorous mounds ground, round assonance

Aligned punchy alliteration

Let’s do things differently this time

Makes good sense – manoeuvre out the box

Introduce divine, exquisite signs

Dazzle more, than wooing peacocks

Discover footsteps trekked by legends

Prone to infect inquisitive thought

Indulge rhymes which fritter nerve ends

Whose whim compel reader’s face, contort

Simple, curt rhythms undulate

Crisp, revelatory binds

Soon avidly disseminate

Titillation, over vacant minds

‘.. childbearing hips sexually sway

like synchronised algorithms

Insistent cleavage juggles away

Behind their flimsy, see through screens…’






Ariana2: …rise again

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What’s her name!!!!

Ariana Grande’…

We rise again –

Hoorah, hooray!!!

This show turned into freedom’s train

Disguised frivolous microcosm

Curtly revived warriors once slain

Soothed @limitless stoicism…

Anxious, frittered nerves remain non-plus

Faith’s battle-scarred angel returned

Two years later, seemingly untouched

…Hustled her stage through lessons learned

‘…One last time, I need to be

The one, to take you home….’

In plain sight – for all to see

Love won, we’re in the zone….

Echoes, unquestionably surreal

Enthral blitzed minds in fits and screams

Sheer excitement everyone feels

“Sheesh…” An actual living dream

Her name bounced around ecstatic space

‘…holds special place in [her] heart, she said…’

All access that emotional place

Dopamine levels piqued in the red

Black thigh-length boots rough ride glittered boards

Thrills spill over lyrical delights

Innumerable digital uploads

Ensure, ‘…shining star scales new heights….’


We see powers of righteous intent

Spue intricate words, merged wisdom

Compellingly open locked doors

Inaccesssible to heathen

Caught up in colonial busary

Let us, to our secret place

Over ‘pon faith’s highest region

Run, skip – hurry come quick, we’ll float

Beyond state bordered mimicry

So religion dare not intrude

For petrified fear of vengeance

In all retributive judgment

Dubious collaborations

determine friendship: heaven sent

Proliferations of mistrust

‘…Trust me!’ acts as glib byword

designed to ensure, she won’t

Mistakes aren’t ever rectified so

Stand firm – and make sure you don’t

Competition is definitely

Chief spoiler – done in secret, too

Dishonestly poised like rabid

Rottweiller, drips saliva from jaws

Just like some hideous tattoo

Sex is approximated, to

‘… et tu, Brutus?’

But, with a selection of knives

Come now! Its private-nee-exclusive space

Passion’s battlefield boiling red blood

Aligned angelic face, smiling grace

Before grief’s emotional flood….





World in Crisis….

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Now, humanity’s been set ablaze

Perpetrators hold aloft Faith’s good book

Society has joined a destructive phase

Church and state catch-a-fire, look!


Our new world slowly falls apart

Victim of self-inflicted wounds

Regressive programs mapped on chart

Mimic comedic, slapstick cartoons

Bruised humanity sports fissured cracks

Deep sores grievously ripped open

Global leaders insidiously lack

Compassion; leaving sad lives broken

Catastrophic, veined suffering

Induce mitigated hatred

Ensures death’s ignominious sting

Is, hideously concentrated

Chasms between rich and poor confirm

Racism, swallowed with a pinch of salt

Seals Repression’s explosive return

It’s easy to fathom who’s @fault

Considered well before human life

Economic precedence takes lead

Nation’s engage competitive strife

So, exchange children in favour of greed

Africa is earth’s richest place

Gold nuggets are randomly found

People live poverty laced disgrace

Blood saturates unholy ground

It fed this entire planet

Sacrificially saved the whole globe

Situations are now so desperate

Ebola threatens to implode

There’s no universal gratitude

Europeans harp-on difference

Neo-Nazis, obnoxiously rude

Scribe ‘The American Dream’s’ pretence’

Racism is obviously global

Unmistakably there’s upward trends

Root cause, undoubtedly financial

That’s why they keep us broke, to all ends

Colour oriented rhetoric

Stokes vile, nasty discrimination

POTUS included Hispanics

Now, we witness civil conflagration….







Emily’s Legacy: ’19…

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“Listen! Spoken Word pushes boundaries

Our bandwagon steadily rolls on

Real literary apothecaries

Use social media to cash coupons

Winners are undoubtedly One-offs

The like you’ll never see again

A slight shuffle disguised with coughs

Will expose plagiarizing, pretend friends….”


This is all about entertainment

Instantly, Roodbwoy’s tongue became sword

Blatant, brash lyrics heave excitement

New world revolutions press-out word

So, may be experience lurks

Memory banks bathed in satisfaction

Tactful brief’s invisible clerks

Whirr away grey matter interaction

Sexy girls, overtly important

Magnetise seductive control

Crass femininity’s curious

Advantages, stream fairest sex – served cold

Chauvinists gag ’til delirious

When you look, there’s no spare carriages

Hell is here year, to year aplenty

Too much; no one really cares

Ghastly ghouls made flesh, manifest

Sad freaks trading infuriation

Secretly, amidst stunted progress

Tragic self-harm pays consolation

Everyone now pushes Poetry

Social media provides credible platforms

Winners devolve incendiary

Vibrations, blazing up vocal storms

Certainly, you must remember good things

Lost causes do happen: storing much bile

Incurs involuntary twitching

Accidently launching projectile

God given talent Is, subjective

Be sure to exhibit your own

Miscellaneous alternatives

Ensure sleeping topics are sown

Ladies are possessive with power

They guard, jealously showing no remorse

Sexuality seethes rich clover

Though macho-dominant throughout discourse

Some are inclined to take things further

Reversed role-play trumps subservience

Henpecked husbands holler blue murder

Whilst kept under tightest surveillance

Unprepared for ‘enfant terrible

Or resultant drama which surrounds

Slack happy nigh irresponsible

Amongst other dubious put downs

Women broke out in outrageous style

Now they’re invaluable component

Patriarchal norms are still virile

Though not so overly dominant

They took control in bedrooms worldwide

Femininity shone bright neon lights

Strap-on dildos no longer hide whilst

Unashamed wenches rule very dark nights

Welcome To Poetry Club…

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Le Bourgeoisie…

Word became innocent bystander

So, recorded pitiful climes spent sucking

Carrot and coriander, from time worn spoons

Soon, Wimbledon will exhaust strawberry

Markets; unenviable cartoons

Compliment customary clapping

Belligerent uncompromising

Racket wielding comfortably merge

Diverse celebrities, backslapping…

Austerity’s Curse:

Entrusted safeguarding our future

Successive egotistical

Megalomaniacs soon lost their way

They personally sequestrated modes of

Materially rewarding

Self-gratification, which now holds sway

They’re distinct metaphysical

Schizophrenics, lost in idle chat

Who left the lower classes to foot

Their self-indulgent bill, and payback

Nauseous burdens of debilitating

Abject poverty, on recorded

Slates of state compiled debenture

Compellingly, pouring economic

Solvency down bottomless holes

rapidly filled with remains from

sacrificed soldiers of The West…

Your Self…

There’s ethereal power inside

Has to be, surely

In whom you intimately confide


When laid – barely awake, slowly rue

Silly, fake mistakes

Ghastly glitches on personal view

Also search faith

Hope’s listened to, silent voice – deep in thought

Our teacher’s driver

Invariably, stops us falling apart

Held fast together

Must be something extra, in ourselves

Real, but surreal class

Packaged, tightly wrapped on high shelves

Bypassed ’til Christ-mass

But when in dire, eventful need

Call, and Self stands tall

Strength and essence help us succeed

So Love will enthrall

Rash, insistent competitors

Side swipes who choose to ridicule

Amongst detractors

So doubt’s thomas’ remain @play

As glib, rabid fools

Whose arguments prolong yesterday…

May be this is how its supposed to be

A melting pot of triers’ paper chase

Hurry come experts @Poetry

Use Linkedin to refresh their case

But this thing has run for centuries

Stalwarts-cum-stayers command respect

Byron was one who raised infamy

His great works survive, so we reflect

Creative jaunts outlive creators

Only, if you’re destined to win

Later, hallowed names adjudged greater

Join that pantheon of living spin

So be not quick to rashly accuse

Works of others who join this rush

Poe’sy’s luxury – no one refused

Social medias condoned crush

These ones are like crabs in a barrel

Good discipline and manners got left

behind – like unwanted apparel

Many learned writers are bereft

In kind – refined quality goes unseen

Riff raff holl’a, making ’nuff noise

Their hands and hearts remain unclean, whilst

Sinister cliques eradicate choice

In attempts to be portrayed on movie screens

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