Who Ate All The Pies…

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The Ones who pretend everything’s nice

Sleep peacefully and eat food

Fresh, fragrantly perfumed scented clothes

Mask stinking rot swept under carpet…


We’re obliged to apportion blame

In this world of gilded scapegoats

Consolidated favours and claims

Cause lumped phlegm in deviant’s throats

Brexit saps supercilious mind

Ruthlessly charted career path

Parliament’s business, left behind

Whilst quaint fools discharge pious wrath

Supposedly, for good ol’ Blighty

So green and pleasant, as confirmed

Proficient in legal integrity

That bastion, from which many worlds learned

Again, and returned back to basic

Well, make sure dig foundations deeper

Assimilate each shade – ev’ry clique

Cast off ignorant, racist sleepers

We see apparent social meltdown

Disgruntled life chances @source

Poor people harangue: loudest sound

Activists amass numerical force

Worldly troubles quickly drop in view

As rainclouds gather, far horizons

Take arduous turns when fates construe

Myriad dark comparisons

Rebellious serfs slowly rise

Against gut-wrenching poverty

Desperation succinctly makes wise

Sufferers under austerity

Westminster set humanity’s Right

Peers’ voices echo global concerns

Gravely alerted children’s plight

In ghastly places innocents burn

Racism’s hypocritical storm

Simply threatens normal existence

Homo sapiens generic form

Site skin’s superficial difference

Look! Murder thrives sleazy corners

Trades lives with knives on fleetest feet

Cheap, misguided urban warriors

Merge onset darkness – all hell’s on street.

Memories Only Hurt If You Care…

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Fraudulent Roodbwoys rule ghetto roosts

Whilst devious sell-outs get paid

All comfortably wear costly clothes

Splashed from guilt free, blinging phat pockets

But Heaven is not built with money

Neither is Salvation @price

Slide past world confusion’s contrary

Slight; similar The One, Jesus Christ…

Relationships define phases

We’re always eager to go through

Failed affairs of conscience – wild goose chase

Designed to test and expose hidden virtue

I missed you this morning, really did

Breakfast is such a lonely place now

Wolfed down at incredible speed

Alone – no conversation flow

So love once, was ours to keep

Wrapped in quaint shrouds where no one ventured

We boxed clever, very discreet

Met in shaded places no one entered

Time elapsed but memories cling

To vestibules of hidden regret

Can’t quite put finger on it, something

Wounded thoughts quickly turn to tablets

Mistakes were made, I’m first to admit

But fault does not sit in one corner

You’re so reluctant to accept guilt

Yet you did things, plain out of order

Hearts can’t abide in between stress

Neither dwell amongst argument

Rather enjoy quivering flesh

Worked out until totally spent

Wanted you more than for just good sex

Even though a great part of it

We did our thing, as you’d expect

There were times when I felt complete

I don’t actually want you back

Better you move on, already

Made up your mind, retain good ballast

Find another who’ll make you happy….



In This Moment…

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Our past rolls on with what used to be

Consigned memories inclined to bring

Smiles to our hopeful faces

Tributes ensure we wont be forgotten

So follow Love’s lead and ignite those

Tell tale traces, in time to come

We will grace literatures pages

Inspiration, appealing by sight

History’s temporal gauges

Our testament to Truth and Right…


Special people leave indelible marks

Memories that will never erase

Light who shines when we’re lost in the dark

Guide us through life’s unfathomable maze

We experience rarest of times

When coolest fresh breeze combine mid-flow

Whole atmospheres suffuse sublime

Collaborations: safe in knowledge,

Zebby, AKA Frank, made us grow

He touched us all and gave us courage

To face our deepest and darkest fears

Brought foes together – united as friends

Yes! That’s why we’re all here

Together as family once again

Frank always had something good to say

Proffered support when we needed it most

Showered good vibes when his music played

Uplifted hearts when he made a toast

Of course – we know he touched us all

This host is here to commemorate his life

Oh Lord, JAH, here me now, I call

Hold him in your bosom and squeeze him tight

For yea, though we walk in shadows of Death

Father never sleeps so we wont stumble or fall

The Lord God, JAH RasTaFari, is with us yet

He always hear us whenever we call

In our celebration – God bless you Frank

Because you brought peace and stopped the wars

So you’re not forgotten or ever in need or want

Blessed to high Heaven up amongst stars…


Take The Blinkers Off…

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… Three hundred and fifty million

For the besieged, crippled NHS

Listen! If it stays on the island

Who cares where it goes? Don’t fail this test….


Life’s theirs – like everyone else

So how do politicians feel

About society’s rabid pulse

Peers’ decisions influence Death’s seal

Years meld into generations

Fuelled by – sometimes – selfish decrees

Remember this one: good mother lost

Four out of five sons on battlefield

Far overseas; who wouldn’t be aghast

Thank Heaven, nation allowed her shield

Onlookers must tut, on occasion

Silent sleuths witness what they do us

Stories: infinity, so brazen

Each and every-all know God Is, First

Two years pondered catch twenty-two

An obvious dead end situation

Maggie May and her devious crew

Lose hope so prepare to pay ransom

Democratic boffins hit brick wall

Policies butt-up Irelands’ border

Wily Europe cleverly stall

Negotiations made to order

Brexit is miracle for have nots

Yet, EU still apply time’s choke line

Embargoed trade for emerging slots

Ensure Slavery’s shady design

Poet will remain unbiased

But, we also know Truth doesn’t bow

So sand slips through their looking glass

Free trade rejuvenation goes slow

Wilful, cynical hegemony

Of course, we’ve seen this before

Spain and Portugal infamy

Applied brute force – their rotten core….



Sugarcoated Realities…

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Keep Fighting:

Old age, like cancer and the rest

Of them, is debilitating 

Disease, they take an exacting

Psychological toll, not to mention

Physical pain – therapeutic escape is

Gained simply, by acceptance inside

Quiet, peaceful acquiescence. Its 

Fierce resistance and telling need to

Overcome any, and all obstacles

Assists personal strength on our

Way to highways beyond comprehension….


…Older we get, more set in ways we’re

Likely to actually become

Much more bolder, and definitely

Solid rock propped against hard stone…


@business end of our journey

Memories remain all that’s left

Twisted, physical reality

Relayed as if we’re stone deaf

Those puff pastry sugar-coated days

Abreast flower patterns pitching hope

Full with surprises, coupled sun rays

Gently wafts mirage kaleidoscope

Where indeed, have our good times gone

Something must sorely be amiss

No one walks and skips, jigging strong

Anymore – John Public bear witness

Drugs suck out any available

Spare cash, advocates need a good meal

Sick vices deemed incorrigible

Dares smack, of devil’s dirty deal

Punters with long faces

Any form of revenue welcome

Very expensive dragon chases

Juggle hot glass penis, with aplomb

So how can good times come back, again

Those dreams have simply passed us by

In this age, enemy is best friend

One’s best asset is blatant lie…

Run an impenetrable shroud

Over your personal affairs

Also, don’t bang your mouth too loud

The most isolated walls have ears

Social priorities will implode

People set rules, very selfish

Bible says, ‘… tongue will become sword….

Wickedness confirmed standing dish.’

There’s slight chance to go back basic

Practice love and respect for neighbour

Foster behaviour so intrinsic

We dance, and lick lips with flavour….

Battle Of Species:

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History is fleeting seconds

Heartbeats away from blinked eye

Memories remain long eons

Abridged Victory’s triumphant cry…


They cursed under matrimony

Precedents passed definitive law

Pankhurst and co. raised infamy

Exposed many a discernible flaw

Social parameters faced threats

Sleek feminine wiles broke out

DNA traced shadow silhouettes

Bowed reverently o’er gushed spout

Women sense impending victory

On tip o’ lugubrious tongues

Bruised bit reins bridled history

Harnessed with fruit flavoured condoms

Patriarchy beat them flat – @first

Amply reinforced ancient spin

Controversial rubbers soon burst

Gossamer bags overflowing sin

She took control behind hushed walls

Quietly confident upper hand

Goggle eyed bucks rouge and scent enthrals

So bewildered, they couldn’t understand

Progress had in fact turned around

Swiftly usurped its progenitors

Wreaked havoc’s surprise, they became clowns

Gender is now prime motivator…






Mapping Futures:

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“… They love-off Spice, like Ambrosia

Brain-food: police and television

Increased hype made threshing floors ever

So good; its just Formula, to raas

How money easy come by… Yeah, man

If you did have extra class, you

Would ‘a tell the most ever lie….”


Change opened doors we never knew

Existed, leading to situations only

Great optimistic fools could expect

Surrogates ensured parenthood

Twisted an institution we

Previously assigned fate, not

Storylines befitting Star Trek

Gender doesn’t effectively

Define sexualized character

More, spurred moments persuasively

Chosen randomly, compared with

Visits to local chiropractors

Clueless as to what must be done

Until personal mood, and feeling

Take hand so inner voices dictate

Personal battles won – going

Against familial convention

Whilst excited, pumping hearts pulsate

Sex describes innumerable

Confines as well, artificial

Accoutrements add to its mix

Videos relate incredible

Designs – lowlifes too, need their quick fix

Relationships spark hilarious

Merry-go-rounds prone to induce

Heartache fostered in mysterious

Ups and downs allied stupid mistakes

Emotions run high when love’s involved

Sighs usher myriad memories

Consigned to maintain steely resolve

Through eternal elementaries

Heartbeats echo, as Morse code signals

Quickly transform glazed starry eyes

From ever hopeful conditionals

Way beyond celebration’s prize

Affections continue until

Adrenaline boost percentages

Wear off, reduced to an icy chill

By incredibly low averages

May be they’ll relent when night

Creeps in over daylight’s dying ember

Sure, elders will suffer failing sight

Even though true hearts remain tender…



Fifty Per Cent:

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Many will run for justice

Readily use law as recourse

Fused with miracle working poultice

Craftily exert financial force

Gen. 6: ‘… Righteous sons mingled with daughters

Born to men – gave rise to ferocious

Warriors; renowned, as Nephilim

So too Nimrod, the mighty hunter….’ 

A victory in every move

They struggle finding negatives to

Focus – nothing, frayed nerves to soothe

Finally resort to Hocus Pocus….


You’ve got to be kidding, something’s

Definitely wrong, things don’t

Ordinarily work like this

One half the population? Number’s

Too strong: cancer, like cardiac

Arrest, turned big business – remember

Was once one in four, quickly

Increased one in three, now; half

The Queen’s country wait @death’s door – have

No choice, you must agree we’ve

Got things terribly out of sorts

Good health’s been compromised, human

resources effectively switched

Medical security is bought

Fees protect affluent and rich

Government should be ostracized

… Count how many different types

You’re excused wondering, precisely

Where cancers originate from

People bedridden under tumours

Rife – surely, Death opens routes to

Freedom, well away from pain victims

Suffer without respite, or craved for

Relief – not even mention hurtful

Anguish endured by lovers’ ensued

Grief, down Hell’s annals of time strewn hype

Lamb’s earmarked for ritual slaughter

Sent packing on fate’s punctured bike

Minus radiation, and water….




@The Zenith…

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… convinced their tower reached heaven

quickly portrayed themselves as gods

Power over ordinary men

Wielded with a merciless rod….


Into this artificial future

One, Science increasingly dictates

Technology tinges haute couture

Body sensors duly operate

Primitive cyborgs roaming earth

Asclepius wrought fantasy worlds

Actually transposed human birth

Diversified both boys, and girls

Yes! We have simply metamorphosed

Inside recognised boundaries

Arguments definitively closed

Feel free to visit your auguries

Sorcery has made its return

Hark! Tell of wizards-cum-witches

Wisdom takes generations to learn

No time for do-gooder who preaches

‘Gainst popular public opinion

When swimming against national pride

Will ensure floating carrion

Leaves only a grave, for the bride

Otherwise place bible in trunk

Under bed – biggest double lock

Abandon things to punks dressed in red

Blinged-up gold earrings, wearing frock

No doubt, evolution played cute tricks

Switched poles, gave women equality

Employed surreal, sublime tactics

Echoed by drunken profanity….

Negotiate This Maze…

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… conspiracies abound The Social

All because different colour skin

Our lives determined trivial

Though, identical within….


Faith’s defenceless pawns in timeless space

Slowly meander along destiny’s

Unerring path; each trickle, seconds

On clock’s face – memories only

Return to harvest our past

Completely aware, Evil they

Perpetrated against Us first

Falsity condoned by your sick

Unremorseful world, still ignorant

Hell feted blind innocents shackled

Knee-deep abridge dubious toiled

Cane fields, designed: food for Europe

Over five hundred years later

Heathen continue abuse trust

Classified alien, an Other

History’s unwanted detritus…

Blind alleys are habitual

Friend-cunning thrives: stoke wrong direction

Infiltrate walls; every personal

Reversed psychic misconception

“In’na tear-up-batty trousers

Dirty brown, scuffed up shoes begging bread

Naked toes sport big red callouses

Dry, scaly skin take time shed

Well into your Freudian dream

Dog eat supper, chicks gobble-off feed

Dali’s clock spurts dolloped ice cream

Hurricane east wind blows diverse seed

Sugar in y’u ass, like diabetes

Die, go heaven singing in vain

Generations survive precipice

Must! Church and state insane…”

Enjoy even, most simplest things

Life throw unexpectedly over

Your face, coast silence so when pin

Drop, sudden flow help recover

Lost ground’s invaluable space

Of course Poetry sells, there’s nil

Official doubt – caught between special

Dispensation – always carries shout

Words actually flutter, thrill

Trifled hearts healed with a mouthful

Clinical depression de-clutters

Induces feelings so wonderful

Inspiration’s initial spark

Crank drives fired piston ablaze

Top-a-top, suave intelligent talk

Buzzed-up-crowds: reggae sounds amaze

This false age hyped up, all claims art

Blind stupidity forced each challenge

Changed goalposts on many an upstart

Lost his way: non-stop alcohol binge

“So up y’u One-self, strive for future

Control management of your concern

Grasp life’s living, true adventure

And! In every situation, learn.”








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