Reincarnation: it happens ….

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Cloud lifted and we saw New Earth: showering joyous accolades echoed through myriad stirrings, fruitful corridors; ushering favours blessing will and intention. Adversity melted, slain in action. Truthful manifestation gave respite, opened our salvation, an; array of terrestrial galaxies proffering avenues to eternity. Allowing Freewill and choice to indulge tempting; Desire straddles visions on every corner, distracting mental aversion whilst flying those traps.

via ‘Like A Thief In The Night.’ — bafl ‘s arena

A new heaven opened and all were

Inherently amazed to see

Life was bequeathed long after death

Those new born sons and daughters held

Truth in words of old souls born to

Be, and free from the hacklings

Of blighted, wrinkled  disregarded flesh

Holed up in buried tombs we forget.

Poerotics: a bit of rough.

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Like young Mariella Frostrup
She really is something special
Flawless invisible make-up
Overlay exquisite facial
Her huskily drawled sexed-up voice
Statuesque commanding figure
A thinking man’s crumpet, of choice
Drips cool sexual demeanour

She skirts the crowd’s meandered edge
Tightens men’s breeches when she speaks
No one summons enough courage
To question or, hazard a peek
When I get my eager hands on
That wily voluptuous bitch
With see-through body-hugging thong
Between spliced cheeks; making me twitch

” Hullo my beautiful princess
Waited so long to chat, to you
Worked into such a lathered mess
Wondered if I’d ever get through
May I say, you look heavenly
Have a drink of fizzy champagne
Somewhere quiet is more seemly
Take a seat, free your feet from pain.”

Glass kept topped-up, permanently
She’s now at my personal whim
Caught myself some sweet, sweet pussy
Yes! Now I’m going to sink, or swim
“What you say – your head is spinning?
French grapes does that to you, my dear
Come! Soothe your aches, you’re trembling!
My, aren’t these lovely stockings shear?

Rest your head against my shoulder
Ease and slacken your chafing bodice.”
Breasts are heaving, breathing louder
Circumstance is my accomplice
Smooth practised hands trace; inner thighs
Open up, somewhat wantonly
Deft searching probes elicit cries
“Come on, you sly bastard, take me.”

This girl’s begging for it alright
Wildly thrusts against my finger
It’s what I’ve been hunting, all night
Time to saddle-up and ride her
She’s excited, extremely wet
Turned, without prompting – bottom up
This moment I’ll never forget
Drive hard wood, filling her fur cup

Plunged so quick, squelched liquid oozed out
Trickled slow, down her fissured mound
Each thrust compelling screams and shouts
Covered her mouth to muffle sound
I gripped her haunches sinking deep
Steadied her frame, grind to the hilt
Halt and stayed like compliant sheep
Slumped – head first – as her body wilt.

Poerotics: Lucretia’s revenge

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Thought sometime transforms reality

Doorbells – or even cell phones – break into boredom’s space

This welcomed intrusion into putrid tranquility

Invades solitude’s confusing purchase

She’s full to bursting, ripened like fresh fruit

Breast-symmetry perfected, body clasped in lace

Heart excitedly pounding, breathing follows suit

All rounded off with a most beautiful face


Furtive whispers suspiciously heighten tension

Inducing broadly enhanced psychology

Sleazy touches overt sexual suspension

Reggae music absorbs nervous energy

She warms, emitting muted encouraging sound

Permissively kissing naked shoulders, and neck

Gripped his hand, thrusting between her bulbous mound

Shameless writhing lacks decency and self-respect


He slowly traced an ever downward spiral

Each completion flails splayed legs wider

Speed increased fervour made live-cam viral

Quickly beaming corrupt internet provider

Communication – vocally loud

Became lewd, turned atmosphere obscenely blue

Floating on their promiscuous cloud

Immorality made non-sense of hidden virtue


His head dive-bombed between soaked thighs

Flitting tongue like a rabid snake

Satisfaction oozed euphoric sighs

Bodily covulsions made nerve ends pulsate

“Suck!”  She commanded, “Hard and fast!”

Obediently he responded, slurping honey’s pot

Aggravated friction induced surging splats

He drew back, aghast, and spluttered as if shot


Trousers undone, dropped to his ankles

She climbed astride his prostrate frame

With such a tight grip,  his bell-end almost strangled

They performed like jockeys in a rodeo game

Steadily descending thrusts kneaded soft testicles

Soothed his length at the very same time

Legs clasped tight, her merciless manacles

Employed to deter perpetrators of crime


Callously, she controlled every move

Scratched his legs, scraped his hold-alls

Hypnotised into repetitive groove

Inflates and subsides like Niagara falls

He twitched and jerked, alerting attention

Felt him steeled, deep in her folds

Thrilled, to trembling with impending eruption

Pressed him out and felt him explode


She jumped up, repositioning over his mouth

Skilfully took aim, proceeding to sit down

Practised vibrations edging from north, to south

Leaked surplus fluids, emptied into her sheepish clown

Methodically wiped against his crestfallen facade

Purposely dripping into wide-open eyes

He shuffled like melting lumps of chip-shop lard

Unaware he’d been beamed live, to voyeurist spies

Poerotics: rolling deep.


She promised to visit sometime soon

Crawling aisles shopping late-night foods

Neither endless reels of mush cartoons

Nor arguments, hardly help sex-up moods

Not seen her since – by sleight nor force

What a sweet, surprise present she would be

Frustration builds without remorse

Oh!  To be bareback riding victory


Morning blizzards carpet crystals

Weighted branches cover sighted surrounds

Deftly arranging gated portals

Freshly laid snow crisply deep, on ground

He immediately crept back to bed

No-way would he dare venture out

Relaxed his body – spreadeagled and spread

Cursed to-day, thinking no-one’s about


Lazily dozing, smug in luxuriant heat

Callously fantasizing wicked plans

Packing sweet reggae music – loads to eat

Locked with an incredibly beautiful swan

He’d love to: in such a roodbwoy way

Draw wood – from behind bending her over

Delve deep hungrily voracious pussy play

Spout-off, shooting seed-splash showers


Out the blue his doorbell rang

Intercom clicked: he asked without care

“Who a’ knock?”  In curdling slang

“Me, Lucretia!”  Chirps a wanton mare

Rubbing his hands, fizzing excited glee

Pressed the lock so she could come up

Softly played music help make things ready

Now’s the time to full-up her furry cup.



Poerotics: windows to Sheol

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He ambled quietly creaking well-worn stairs, swaggering swell-headed, obviously full of himself; elegantly coiffured, sporting streaky flecked hair – stylishly flickering on tediously prepared shelf.  She waited patiently upstairs – biding her time – listening attentively for approaching sound; clinking – rustled keys – attuned her mind, sexual feelings causing emotion to drown, in flurries of lurid flashbacks; increased throbbing moistened sensitivities lubricating her bulbous, dripping fur-track; triggering sluiced – naturally flooded – proclivities.

She startled, at a swiftly turned key in well-oiled lock; head obediently bowed – not daring to look – his burning eyes staring intently, commanding submission.  her inner thighs – soaking wet – combined body fluids and sweat.  He chortled, espied her loosely discarded frock, body hunched and cowed – how she visibly shook – showing willing compulsion to the liberties he took; snagged in his promiscuous net, addicted to excitable humiliation she wont forget.  nervous trembling hands sought naked flies, fumbling feverishly for opened incision.  she audibly swooned, grasping his bulging hot-rod, with a contented sigh – all in one uninterrupted swoop – ears peaked – listening for customary instruction

” Suck mon Cherie,” he crooned, as he wield his rampant, steeled prod; instantly connecting their physically adjoined loop, sexually compromised in position.”Yes, baby suck!” he repeated – twice – coaxing whispered, rasped tones.  She responded with pluck – excited in vice – slavering like dog to a bone.  Cloistered fear leaked, dribbling spittle across greedy rouge-infested lips, stroking her human recorder; embroidered spare streaks, dripping slimy dross, hungrily flossed seedy licks, slowly oozing ingested saliva.  Her cunning hands surreptitiously snake round, violently hauling his rigidly taut backside; pulsing glands gyrate, avariciously bound, instantly coercing repetitive slides, on a spit encrusted track, increasing momentum on horizontal trajectory; allowing absolutely no slack, appeasing a bubbling, boiling spectrum of sexual intensity.

She pulled hard, a satisfied thud – at the back of her throat – elucidated squeals, countered by his soothing groans.  He relinquished his guard – senses began to float – thrusting wildly with reckless premeditated zeal, ignoring the constant ringing of mobile phones.  Goaded deliciously by encouraging moans, he gripped the back of her head – began to shout – boasting facetiously disparaging words, thrusting and stabbing her warm, slippery mouth.  She felt reaction between her sticky, twitching thighs; stifled slurps – unable to shout – increased her velocity with muffled cries.  Her head was a blur of mechanised precision, excitement co-rehearsed – with movement – mushroomed her thoughts to fever pitch.  he consented, deferred indecision allowed visibly open contentment, with terse fulfilment echoing satisfaction; slyly consumed by invisible hatred bought from a debilitated crack-bitch.  He looked at her, harbouring mixtures of mocking pity and morbid disgust; a corralled creature, trapped in seething iniquity, whose compliant behaviour is an undeniable must.

Cataclysmic explosions cede eye-bulging contortion, unleashing simultaneous sensations both in mouth, and mind; causing her to experience a near state of unconscious confusion.  Shockwaves  of seismic proportion increased advantageous fluctuations, making her: gasp, gulp, swallow and almost pass-out, as her body began to unwind.  sensing his prey, her involuntary loss of physical control, he swiftly turned her – face down – to the spotlessly cleaned floor; relishing a completed foray, he instinctively became boss – assumed his tyrannical role – quickly urinating, willing her to drown, sauntering – when done – to the exit door.  Her subconscious mind registered cackling laughter, translating it into a frightening lion’s roar.

he was gone – and she woke up, not knowing after how long.  Now she could focus on her insanely decrepit life; showered and changed without so much as even token fuss, she disinfected and cleaned – reflecting on daily strife.  he left her a humongously-sized henry, as conciliatory gratuity payment; good enough to console her for his ridiculous impropriety, knowing she was obliged to regard it as heaven sent.  She almost tripped over the table leg, in her rush to get to the drawer; spilling a complete jar of nutmeg, in hurried attempts to retrieve her beloved, once more.  Then, finally, she had it in her grasp, proceeding to lick and kiss, taking time to roll him over heaving tits; her beautiful, irreplaceable pipe to whom she was loyal slave, and most dutiful wife – to the last.

















Menage et Trois:

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Promiscuous lies are quite often

Very much one-sided affairs

Love-locked in submissive coffins

Sweetly stirred without any care

Sold out, to tempting fleshly lust

Old friendships sever binding ties

Betrayal seeps rouge and heaving bust

No word of greeting, as crow flies


Two on one – in bedroom stance

Flout openly trusted symmetry

Callously abused tame acceptance

Enjoy rampant sexuality

Hog-speared between a roasting spit

Suck Eve’s apple, tasting Adam’s rod

Secrets abound on regular trips

Many fibs end with, ‘honest to god!’


Fantasies cloud visions, made unclear

Thigh length boots girding mottled cave

Dressed to kill in flimsiest wear

All trussed up as willing sex slave

Perspiration sheens added spice

Splayed wide-open, invitingly

One each end emphasising, twice

Bent, contorted ecstasy


Rabid pistons pump – top and tail

Legs flail, thrashing against restraint

Fervent mouthing cedes, saliva’s veil

Satisfied coos signal no complaint

Head back, shamelessly devoid of care

Thick, throaty gasps exude delight

Delighted sounds fill scented air

Convulsing torso; an awesome sight


Home to roost, with innocent eyes

Quicksilver tongue ekes polished guile

Practised pitching perfect lies

Body language oozed exquisite style

And so, to the marital bed

Showered clean and ready to go

Pumping hard, giving luscious head

Clean hearts can’t grieve what they don’t know



















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