Who Ate All The Pies…

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The Ones who pretend everything’s nice

Sleep peacefully and eat food

Fresh, fragrantly perfumed scented clothes

Mask stinking rot swept under carpet…


We’re obliged to apportion blame

In this world of gilded scapegoats

Consolidated favours and claims

Cause lumped phlegm in deviant’s throats

Brexit saps supercilious mind

Ruthlessly charted career path

Parliament’s business, left behind

Whilst quaint fools discharge pious wrath

Supposedly, for good ol’ Blighty

So green and pleasant, as confirmed

Proficient in legal integrity

That bastion, from which many worlds learned

Again, and returned back to basic

Well, make sure dig foundations deeper

Assimilate each shade – ev’ry clique

Cast off ignorant, racist sleepers

We see apparent social meltdown

Disgruntled life chances @source

Poor people harangue: loudest sound

Activists amass numerical force

Worldly troubles quickly drop in view

As rainclouds gather, far horizons

Take arduous turns when fates construe

Myriad dark comparisons

Rebellious serfs slowly rise

Against gut-wrenching poverty

Desperation succinctly makes wise

Sufferers under austerity

Westminster set humanity’s Right

Peers’ voices echo global concerns

Gravely alerted children’s plight

In ghastly places innocents burn

Racism’s hypocritical storm

Simply threatens normal existence

Homo sapiens generic form

Site skin’s superficial difference

Look! Murder thrives sleazy corners

Trades lives with knives on fleetest feet

Cheap, misguided urban warriors

Merge onset darkness – all hell’s on street.

Sugarcoated Realities…

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Keep Fighting:

Old age, like cancer and the rest

Of them, is debilitating 

Disease, they take an exacting

Psychological toll, not to mention

Physical pain – therapeutic escape is

Gained simply, by acceptance inside

Quiet, peaceful acquiescence. Its 

Fierce resistance and telling need to

Overcome any, and all obstacles

Assists personal strength on our

Way to highways beyond comprehension….


…Older we get, more set in ways we’re

Likely to actually become

Much more bolder, and definitely

Solid rock propped against hard stone…


@business end of our journey

Memories remain all that’s left

Twisted, physical reality

Relayed as if we’re stone deaf

Those puff pastry sugar-coated days

Abreast flower patterns pitching hope

Full with surprises, coupled sun rays

Gently wafts mirage kaleidoscope

Where indeed, have our good times gone

Something must sorely be amiss

No one walks and skips, jigging strong

Anymore – John Public bear witness

Drugs suck out any available

Spare cash, advocates need a good meal

Sick vices deemed incorrigible

Dares smack, of devil’s dirty deal

Punters with long faces

Any form of revenue welcome

Very expensive dragon chases

Juggle hot glass penis, with aplomb

So how can good times come back, again

Those dreams have simply passed us by

In this age, enemy is best friend

One’s best asset is blatant lie…

Run an impenetrable shroud

Over your personal affairs

Also, don’t bang your mouth too loud

The most isolated walls have ears

Social priorities will implode

People set rules, very selfish

Bible says, ‘… tongue will become sword….

Wickedness confirmed standing dish.’

There’s slight chance to go back basic

Practice love and respect for neighbour

Foster behaviour so intrinsic

We dance, and lick lips with flavour….

Battle Of Species:

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History is fleeting seconds

Heartbeats away from blinked eye

Memories remain long eons

Abridged Victory’s triumphant cry…


They cursed under matrimony

Precedents passed definitive law

Pankhurst and co. raised infamy

Exposed many a discernible flaw

Social parameters faced threats

Sleek feminine wiles broke out

DNA traced shadow silhouettes

Bowed reverently o’er gushed spout

Women sense impending victory

On tip o’ lugubrious tongues

Bruised bit reins bridled history

Harnessed with fruit flavoured condoms

Patriarchy beat them flat – @first

Amply reinforced ancient spin

Controversial rubbers soon burst

Gossamer bags overflowing sin

She took control behind hushed walls

Quietly confident upper hand

Goggle eyed bucks rouge and scent enthrals

So bewildered, they couldn’t understand

Progress had in fact turned around

Swiftly usurped its progenitors

Wreaked havoc’s surprise, they became clowns

Gender is now prime motivator…






Mapping Futures:

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“… They love-off Spice, like Ambrosia

Brain-food: police and television

Increased hype made threshing floors ever

So good; its just Formula, to raas

How money easy come by… Yeah, man

If you did have extra class, you

Would ‘a tell the most ever lie….”


Change opened doors we never knew

Existed, leading to situations only

Great optimistic fools could expect

Surrogates ensured parenthood

Twisted an institution we

Previously assigned fate, not

Storylines befitting Star Trek

Gender doesn’t effectively

Define sexualized character

More, spurred moments persuasively

Chosen randomly, compared with

Visits to local chiropractors

Clueless as to what must be done

Until personal mood, and feeling

Take hand so inner voices dictate

Personal battles won – going

Against familial convention

Whilst excited, pumping hearts pulsate

Sex describes innumerable

Confines as well, artificial

Accoutrements add to its mix

Videos relate incredible

Designs – lowlifes too, need their quick fix

Relationships spark hilarious

Merry-go-rounds prone to induce

Heartache fostered in mysterious

Ups and downs allied stupid mistakes

Emotions run high when love’s involved

Sighs usher myriad memories

Consigned to maintain steely resolve

Through eternal elementaries

Heartbeats echo, as Morse code signals

Quickly transform glazed starry eyes

From ever hopeful conditionals

Way beyond celebration’s prize

Affections continue until

Adrenaline boost percentages

Wear off, reduced to an icy chill

By incredibly low averages

May be they’ll relent when night

Creeps in over daylight’s dying ember

Sure, elders will suffer failing sight

Even though true hearts remain tender…



Fifty Per Cent:

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Many will run for justice

Readily use law as recourse

Fused with miracle working poultice

Craftily exert financial force

Gen. 6: ‘… Righteous sons mingled with daughters

Born to men – gave rise to ferocious

Warriors; renowned, as Nephilim

So too Nimrod, the mighty hunter….’ 

A victory in every move

They struggle finding negatives to

Focus – nothing, frayed nerves to soothe

Finally resort to Hocus Pocus….


You’ve got to be kidding, something’s

Definitely wrong, things don’t

Ordinarily work like this

One half the population? Number’s

Too strong: cancer, like cardiac

Arrest, turned big business – remember

Was once one in four, quickly

Increased one in three, now; half

The Queen’s country wait @death’s door – have

No choice, you must agree we’ve

Got things terribly out of sorts

Good health’s been compromised, human

resources effectively switched

Medical security is bought

Fees protect affluent and rich

Government should be ostracized

… Count how many different types

You’re excused wondering, precisely

Where cancers originate from

People bedridden under tumours

Rife – surely, Death opens routes to

Freedom, well away from pain victims

Suffer without respite, or craved for

Relief – not even mention hurtful

Anguish endured by lovers’ ensued

Grief, down Hell’s annals of time strewn hype

Lamb’s earmarked for ritual slaughter

Sent packing on fate’s punctured bike

Minus radiation, and water….




Negotiate This Maze…

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… conspiracies abound The Social

All because different colour skin

Our lives determined trivial

Though, identical within….


Faith’s defenceless pawns in timeless space

Slowly meander along destiny’s

Unerring path; each trickle, seconds

On clock’s face – memories only

Return to harvest our past

Completely aware, Evil they

Perpetrated against Us first

Falsity condoned by your sick

Unremorseful world, still ignorant

Hell feted blind innocents shackled

Knee-deep abridge dubious toiled

Cane fields, designed: food for Europe

Over five hundred years later

Heathen continue abuse trust

Classified alien, an Other

History’s unwanted detritus…

Blind alleys are habitual

Friend-cunning thrives: stoke wrong direction

Infiltrate walls; every personal

Reversed psychic misconception

“In’na tear-up-batty trousers

Dirty brown, scuffed up shoes begging bread

Naked toes sport big red callouses

Dry, scaly skin take time shed

Well into your Freudian dream

Dog eat supper, chicks gobble-off feed

Dali’s clock spurts dolloped ice cream

Hurricane east wind blows diverse seed

Sugar in y’u ass, like diabetes

Die, go heaven singing in vain

Generations survive precipice

Must! Church and state insane…”

Enjoy even, most simplest things

Life throw unexpectedly over

Your face, coast silence so when pin

Drop, sudden flow help recover

Lost ground’s invaluable space

Of course Poetry sells, there’s nil

Official doubt – caught between special

Dispensation – always carries shout

Words actually flutter, thrill

Trifled hearts healed with a mouthful

Clinical depression de-clutters

Induces feelings so wonderful

Inspiration’s initial spark

Crank drives fired piston ablaze

Top-a-top, suave intelligent talk

Buzzed-up-crowds: reggae sounds amaze

This false age hyped up, all claims art

Blind stupidity forced each challenge

Changed goalposts on many an upstart

Lost his way: non-stop alcohol binge

“So up y’u One-self, strive for future

Control management of your concern

Grasp life’s living, true adventure

And! In every situation, learn.”








Only One Left:

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Lost In Transit:

How they skip back and forth across

Invisible borders as if

Someone actually gave them wings

Watch them – sporting brand new camcorders

Like bumble bees with venomous stings

‘She run go buy trick from obeah man

Fully convinced, in dark magic

Didn’t read bible – or Moses plan

God made his – by far – the largest….’



‘… there were they in great fear:

for God Is, in the generation of the righteous….


Poverty warped inebriate minds

Forced them across un-negotiable

Borders; trapped, inextricable binds

Fuse fortune’s unfortunate soldiers

Untold misdemeanours lie dormant

Seared, consciences remain unashamed

Wretched souls became irrelevant

Very quickly – found scapegoats to blame

Devils pretend to be angels

Fully aware, betrayal stinks

Knee deep in sexual triangles

Civilisation lies, on the brink

Evolution is definitely

Time’s: cowed, broken, browbeaten bitch

Solutions, indiscriminately

Scream so loud they’re piercingly high pitch

Demons have eyes on fast ticking clocks

Whilst others watch: one, another

Any progress causes rippled shocks

As fear hurriedly peeks over shoulders

Those fools embrace Hell’s darkest art

Constantly work devious tricks

Forgot: Judgement wilfully plays part

@ death, they hope to make a quick switch

The first happens while they still breathe

Second, they think is initial

Left to feed worm – rotten carcase seethe

So, last rites are circumstantial

Our deepest pain remembers friends

Secretly – we fear growing old

Birthdays still count, yes! Even when

Lovers long since, left this stricken world

Now, they’re bigger than heinous murder

Because God is a dream they once had

Innocents they shamelessly tender

Evil – they think – is just a fad

Let them make irreversible deals

With Satan – soon to pick up slack

Idiots don’t seem to understand

So entrenched, they forget payback….


Just Leave, Already…

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Surreptition is your friend’s best

Weapon: art of surprise procures no

Rest – adopting self-preservation

Decries contrition; ensures: friendship tests….


Life presents bags full o’ mysteries

Fools dare confidently predict

May be collusive, intricate stories

Inculcate survival instinct

Friends who seem, not to go away

Memories wound our very soul

Plastic smiles, on meeting, portray

Sweetly hedged bets: who looks more old

Hardened hearts pretend oblivious

Frequently, cupboard doors open

Hidden skeletons glow luminous

Since trust is callously broken

Same time, faith is called, in: questions

Public scrutiny always demand

Tethered souls lack consideration

So – employ devious, underhand

Tactics, conformed to government plans

Foucault’s right – change must be adapted

Contextually, allowing

Disruption to serve greatest good

Benefits appease, substantially

Anytime corruption is understood

Brexit fosters virulent schemes

Projects opposed adjutants

Each side proffers deceptive themes

Though, arguments remain constant

Europe’s determination will hold

Stricken communities @ransom

Unprotected societies

Pushed out, into ignominy’s cold

Face total destruction; emerging

Markets corralled, in subservience

Reluctantly endure de’ ja vu

Culled via economic slavery

Engineered by a rampant EU

Unconcerned with global poverty

Yes! Leave that monstrous members’ club

Start over – rather, than continue

Support a legal mafia-hub

Designed to extort revenue….


Poetry Lives!

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…Let Us bring our bowls to table

Simply reveal: each has to show

Adorn such, that is incredible

Reverently witness haloes’ glow….

History is being recorded

Same time, as we eat breakfast

Invisible files happen, to leave

Us confounded because personal

Hopes disappointingly contrast

Self-indulgent dreams secretly

Nurtured, end of days epitaphs

Designed for eternal reverie

Victors pray, will continue to last

All forget life’s metanarrative

Infinite, effervescent Truth

Faith surfaces, and so impulsive

Quite unpredictable from your youth

Land where sweet smelling buds’ aromas

Gently waft along intuition’s

Breeze – our wildest, impossible enigmas

Cooly mirrored in angels and trees

Come, let Us move on to brighter

Futures, pulling regressives behind

Intellects bestowed first order

Also defined progressive minds

Joseph told pharoah to build store barns

@stroke – eradicate hunger

Become almighty God’s right arm

Bring starving children out of danger

Remember! Word was here from beginning

Qualified Son, of The Father

Blunted Death’s ignominious sting

Being, amongst Us ever-after….





Table Of Confusion:

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Easy – to reduce universal

Creeds, swiftly produce faith’s common

Denominator, Our; Soul

Deity is bait: sacred seed’s Cool

Operator, then link divine

Saviour of course – now; celebrate

Peace and Love, represent any

Force worthily named celestial

Entity; exhibiting proven

Resolve – host’s wholehearted consent

See forever’s immediate

Vicinity calculated

Only One, twixt biological family

Fits each twirl, sowed theological

Focus – so carries on; emitting

Stable, psychological vetoes

And, we are in two-eighteen

Certain perpetuity should fold

Honesty uncomfortably sits

Between desire, other side

Technology amidst ‘call to prayer,’

When chosen names are engraved in gold

Bright stars reflect ‘The Righteous Fire.’

There’s so much to report about

What is actually going on

Those frauds in power openly flout

Protocol to create division

Human civilisation implodes

Trod wrong track making too many blips

Deviants skirt evolution roads

Pats on back praise stubbornly wise quips

Time for an, I told you so moment

Sling rough chat well charged, like conduit

Platform raised to central government

Switch attack – aim for high precipice

Ceaselessly we witness mindblowing

Memorials – defiant in

Virtuous rejection of

Atrocious, terrorist-deaths’ sting

Frantically wearing laurels

Trusted memories on forgiveness

Avenue; victorious bells

Silently ring – listen carefully

Hear heavenly chorus: for you

Angels with healing joyously sing

Religion exacerbates life

Situations; fuel to every

Flammable spark – if there’s ever

Been a table for confusion

It ushers in perpetual dark

Evaluations must present good

Opportunities – if we take them

Penchants for accomplishment whilst

Overtly rude, soon reverses

Delinquent minds become children…


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